you you you this one all my classes and kicks it’s
quite a media of Kawana and using gyms personal classes I can also adapt and
use in went to several classes as well so Cara’s guys we just taking it up pull
pull and pull back to taking that hit back with us as well okay so it’s not
Jeremy actually coming back never on the left side I kicked that up pull pull
only on the right do we do it double timing and we put some pelvic thrust in
as well yeah Oh Oh Paul took it down to three oh yeah basic step forward back to
side stand with the opposite way fast twist two three jump step that’s good
back and you throw your bum into its east like you’re sending you give them
up so one follow up around jump jump the fat one we in the middle we have a
path two three this one is kinda media for mark I do
two versions of this we can study for the car as we have single single double
single single double fed time double we have one two three and one I
differentiate it from our one two three and then we have single double single
Single Double mr. Woodroof traveling to the right one
two – mais two pennies a little pretty routine
Elvis the belly burn and Strauss flex hands push forward crunch so in crunch
crunch I can’t redo the context but it’s not
come going everyone else so so so much okay I’m gonna get me have
a little basic step we’ve got one two three right right yeah losing quite a
few times three salsa Cucaracha start with the right leg so we out and first
anklet I cast on the far fuck you prepare then go up and over as our going
over the top but one – two – three – three – finish
left right pop back start again let’s try again right leg so I love this bit
through big tendency one we help here there’s three steps and everything’s in
far count so we’re we’re far to chain we’re far right hand went for far in out
went for far of the left far too too far left hand far in last step okay we’re
skipping forward right leg so right left throw your weight back cuz you’re gonna
go drop drop quick quick all right Oh okay so this one the body word and we’ve
got resilient foam and then cool down okay so this one is called gas gasoline
oh but it’s not that Street yeah actually let’s do em they feel like
dancing okay the songs that are straight but the movement moving out so we have
single single double step single single double step going to the right fat she
beat you one two eight come round go on the left and single single double single
double to the this here we start learn so it’s to the right left right let’s
single single double single comes over the head double I keep step here am I
getting no way double yeah good we have travel it to the right it’s twist and
twist a little slap punch when you do the car as a second time you travel it
forward on you’re single single double and then keep it again it’s just introduction to three pause
then on the left just left leg pause okay then just to finish off and
the next step is the cause I’ll call the quick step the merchant is really really
quick on the spy exactly to say you’re going to go side back side front side
step right yeah right leg goes back side back side front
side step to the side back side you got tapped on the spot ready but a
little should pull nice and low I can you repeat this twice the first
time is twist twist twist grip second time twist twist twist twist on the end
in the way back so right Rock come up this is our rap section okay so the legs
are nice and straight can it do feel a little bit stick you just Rock him from
where to where turn kind of thing when you press into
the right you go round round slice 2 3 round as low as you can get forward then
let it go around from the belly burn yeah
please coming neat twist twist single Single Double
that gets insanely fast we’ve got up at the break in the routine ripoff flick
with click sorry and then a big one fire here then a big one last one we’ve done things like the ring by
itself sitting there in the Congo Brazilians phone this one is the big my
buddy woody now ok so we start off with 12 different effective single Single
Double like this nice and low it’s more on the toes so when you’re on
your toes you’re really really wet can you tap ok any kind of when you’re doing
them across the straight leg adds down your toes because it’s so good for the
cat so you’ve got single Single Double into the ground back forward back single
Single Double forward back forward back skip skip
double skin this is your last one nineteen three then walking back pelvis
shimmies following a 1 and a 2 a 3 and a 5 star on the left so that simple step
forward back forward back right right alright follow it back skip to the front again