HEY GUYS, ARE YOU READY? [cheers] OKAY! [cheers] I’m so excited to finally be here with you guys! My name is JoAnne Fluke and I am a ZUMBA
instructor from the Greater Kansas City Area. And I am working with ZUMBA and just recently started
with NCHPAD to start promoting inclusive ZUMBA classes throughout the United States. [music] So, this was amazing we had probably close to
or over a hundred people with all abilities here at Lakeshore doing ZUMBA together. It was
so much fun. We, um, did salsa, reggaeton, even some hip hop! And just to
look out in the audience and seeing everyone EVERYONE having fun! This was like the highlight of 2013 almost. It was amazing! So thank you to NCHPAD, thank you to Lakeshore,
um, this was just an amazing experience. Inclusion means to me that everyone is joining the party.