hey guys welcome to suspend the sign your head coach Brown today is week 3 of the 15 minute fat burning no gym equipment needed work' so there's one you can do at home before you go ready to go into work okay so no excuses that we got no gym equipment we got no gym membership we got no time you say 15 minutes a little bit of space that's all you need you can do it any conditions we got snow over here at the moment so a lot of people are stuck in the houses I can't get to the gym they say Johnny Mize get in there get this done and you get a 15 minute fat burning muscle toning work at them no equipment dated so guys grab yourself a drink get yourself a Starbucks and get ready to rock cuz there's 15 minutes it's coming taking some lemon right guys here we go let's get started bit of a warm-up to stay nice and light on the face just kick off a tight shake out the arms let's go and listen though we're going to live a little bit of hard ways and exercises here body temperature visit their Nam extractive keep push ups teach squad to get on with and rallying working from the workout I work out of the head so let's get them shoulders will tip it forward it will tell to I switched on the surface a little bit sly little bit small tiny little circles this moment Tim's the direction with them stop and get those Jason's a little bit there get it stuck just back some kid not geographically good job guys okay so my hands nice and low crisscross the way up towards the seventh straight to the chest right in the back stretcher the bison Oh shake that I kick fit out of the front let me sell the transom workouts 1 and T to this one we're just going to take up just change that low but tis the order of the exercises make it slightly it up in your fighter when it's definitely a little bit more challenging because your body's not used your bike they melt so guys won't gunned a number down I'm extracting some ultimate lunges pic step out in front right back let me show you this on the side knee to the ground right I'm going to be monitoring the top on both legs nice and quick good technique pitch again back in them now I'm going to open up the chest stretch what I did okay guys get that chest open get those legs what's down get them warmed up okay now I'm gonna throw shoulder press and a lunch stretch shoulder press we get every muscle growth and the body we're getting warmed up bring some serious work of it okay guys check out right now let's get the heart rate up a little bit get the body temperature up a little bit that's part of the spot a ten-second prisoner spots they have at the party explain to the grad like that a nice day or five six seven eight nine ten get stuff shake it up never gonna do some push-ups down of those I'm sold about the party more box bishops at your sugar and a way to go one two three four five six seven eight nine nine ten and joke back up the cover okay spread little spots out seconds five four three two one wrestler squats three four five six so it 9/10 down into push-ups one two three four but six seven yeah nine ten good job guys we all warned open okay one more lock let's go 10 seconds 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 let's go right there squats 1 2 3 little faster step 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 push-ups last time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 here nothing ant a good one guys that's the warm-up done grab a drink maybe back here in 30 seconds I'm going to the hard work right case well one number one is some serious work 9 3 exercises back to back I'm going to a little circuit of them what we're going to do this week is they're going from reddit essence we're going to 30 seconds of 8 okay so first exercise you're going to do is jumping lunges so what we do is starting position right now you can have some cars like straight chest head forward mmm they launch up switch ok if that's too much feeding is just going to older lunges instead just think so okay next one we're going to do after that we're going to be pretty good so long are they as one that's going to catch your breath back a little bit still working it it's going to switch out on the court call me down here it's from here plank position I'm sure we look apart and Jill was underneath who were elbows from here keep the back straight and outside pushing back the hill you gotta bring your knees up to your chest like this your bum up Ania is what your core sounds you are hot cars ok after that then from there some upper body stuff so let's go and fish up in the burpees for 30 seconds they look like this and so on we repeat those ok guys 30 second bursts out of time start with it over the lodges are the Jumbo lunches ready 3 2 1 let's go 30 seconds on the clock eight this will be a long 30 seconds the glitz will lit on fire and things will be burning you will really feel this working your hardware will go through the roof it's a good way burn some serious pot and working nice and hard poor didn't out already okay good work guys let's go Pike openings in 30 seconds on the clock let's go keep that core tight nice and slow on the draw with a buckle to hvenaer I'll get definitely gone online guys body temperature really amazing that's 30 seconds done good work team push-ups on the burgers this is a Kelly when I study seconds on five three two one let's go as you can good workout should we start to get tired let's go to the first part we got two more to go 30 seconds maybe done bad stuff good work team I'm a film I'm going to read you guys should be out of breath hope you ready for round two see you again very seconds on the clock on the one-ders let's go from the side this time all the jumping lunges I should say ready let's go let's try to get a good burn in their face okay keep it going whoa got it done let go let's really start a harsh okay fine possession knees in three two one this one gives you a nice little breather while working the koi go ahead before you hit the birdies stop to market place up something burpees 30 seconds on the clock 3 2 1 go you know our tape this is run two of three legs should be certainly this this heart rate should be going through the road but I temperature sweats nor the flutter keep going nearly there on stop okay guys how do we feel please tell with me you still working hard good one more lock and we got a little bit of a recovery tank those right then we get back into it again so that States v eyes will kill run 3 is going to be text I'm going to struggle you guys by we struggle today ready three two one let's go we got back be there to touch the don't fight off the guy really fit on that on those boats makes closing up some body we gotta mark them you're going to save as many colleagues really fit a number on guys I keep going it right up stop oh that's tough hope you guys are playing around at home max I need a hypo Nathan here we go three two one let's go first and this is music having also good in the world try picking box pelagic ah I've drawn on those out is the mountain so nice weather on it and kick in the stomach and take up your muscles and stuff okay please open the Burberry seconds I'm gonna pray ready to roll three two one let's go keep going guys next with all night I know I am you don't need sell-side TRG white thread it's not like normally it's by probably what you doing the time you've got the exercise this is the top two months what don't take grab a drink wipe the sweat off your bro come back and see me for the conclusion last item is a hard work of mask right thing come to the conclusion of the 50 minute fat burning workout this time revision tuck jumps which is feet hip-width apart squat that nice and a long jump bring your knees up to your chest blonde and then ghost you're back in the squad and the page 30 seconds of those okay there we're going to save light but we cleanse up on there a forearm and then we're going to lower the hip to the floor another 12 of those on a say I'm passing to 12 12 then we go pull it over the furniture wonder when I ve got your work of triceps triceps like so I'm going to go very hard from the straight legs okay guys it's going to be tough okay so really clear that space right – one 30 seconds on the clock touch ups let's go so you're going to get squat before you start so it's on this black muscle groups as we can use all around your right to accelerate guitar – and stop okay 12 R is it from the side plank position three two one law of the house one nice and slow two three four five six seven is 9 10 11 12 good joking swung on the other side ready to go in 5 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 so it 9 10 I love odds what okay now we put apprenticeship 30 seconds on the clock 3 2 1 let's go nice and so in control when we're on 37th I wanna hide it like they say should I stay in the work and you're joking they stick it on the box that's on stuff okay guys every part of your body just not there when we are they die exactly same again okay back to the top jumps 30 seconds on the clock three two one let's go necks right away up to the chest moving part of this video get the hang of God I'm quite relieved able to do good work take five inside conversation Hardware going sweat flowing three two one one two three four five six seven eight if nine ten eleven twelve oh okay pork tank no stone on turn to this work out we work on with it let's go again one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve okay guys luck enjoy dips thirty seconds on the buck three two one let's go one play nicely to great though I'm kind of put in thirty seconds I'm giving the date bar and I really start to burn ah stop probably failing guys you should be part of it going fish going sweat flowing muscles growing like that in Smith oh okay it's $5 wine 30 seconds of each here we come three two one one more good water tank side plank I sell 812 reps ready let's go one two three four five six seven eight nine ten oh well that's what good stuff for Domino's they come three two one one two three four five six you don't get so if now 1000 12 okay 30 seconds of tips and when we don't okay 30 seconds over 110 ahead of our three two one that's gone twice that should be followed by our Thummim tae seop's comet now the party guys keep going one of the real work is done is where the results start to happen and stop well oh well it ain't time to find out more guy I know buddy but that seems like a pretty good 15 minute walk write them a note a McPartlin no expensive gym membership no excuses a little bit of room in your floor you can do it along with me remember guys if you like what you saw here today you can click on the link below he'll take you three to this X it's our four week challenge you can do the four week sounds get the dad plan to transform your body in four weeks it's exercises like this a little bit more complex the lip more detailed but the online boggling from myself if you want to kind of life gives a shake remember guys you don't Mable of time you little Africa don't need a lot of money you just need 15 minutes just before you go to work try this and see how you get on please give us your feedback we want to hear from you guys and it could take we would love to hear from you and you would like the safe and teams this little time I'll make that happen remember guys stick with us Neto you can trim like to go