okay teas monkey from t's monkey gaming here today I'm going to show you guys a little trick if you did not know that you can trade heart containers for stamina and vice versa so maybe early on you were always trading your orbs for heart containers then you realize that you've got pretty good at the fighting you don't need as many hearts but you want some more stamina or you took too much stamina and want more hearts you can trade where you want to go as two Latino village and then if you follow the road down you can see right here is where you want to be I'll show you this from up in the village so if you were coming down the road there's a little general store whatever you see this little path you just come through here to this statue and so if you've never been here before it's just a little quest at first that actually is a little side quest what I'm do not and then what you can do is tamper with your essence so this one then mine to move to sell so if I wanted to get a stamen a vessel I would give her a heart I wanted a heart I've given her stamina so I said I can give her her stamina she gives me a hundred rupees bargain is struck excuse me the money takes my stamina vessel so then I can say goodbye I talked to again so that she has one of my essence so far I want one back gives me a hard container I have to pay a hundred and twenty so it's 20 rupees basically to do it because she gives you a hundred to take one you give me 120 to take one back then there you go and that's how you can adjust your hearts and stamina you can do this as many times you want so say you were out to go out exploring you want to be able to run fast or longer do a lot of climbing come here and change out a bunch of hearts for some stand and go do your thing you can come back switch your standley's back to hearts if you're going out and fighting like Lionel's and things like that and you find out you need more hearts you can trade some of your stamina to power up some hearts go out there fight come back a tree but that's it for this video guys I hope this video was helpful please give me a like and subscribe for more zelda videos that I'm putting out pretty regularly right now and we'll see you in the next one you