welcome to Rocky so guys I just really wanted to give you a sort of update because the last couple of weeks have been crazy I started YouTube three weeks and we nearly hit 500 subscribers and I just wanted to pay you back for your awesomeness for your support for your comments and this is what I came up with I'm going to focus on quality content now what that means is you're not necessarily going to see an upload of mine each and every single day but rest assure if I'm going to upload a video it will be to my best knowledge of providing you guys with the best content I could possibly create now that being said let's get you that awesome horse guys okay first things first we will need some stamina upgrades and we'll need some stealth upgrades so cook that and get to Ridgeland tower now probably you've seen that in the night sky a couple of times but there is that blue shimmering light right there and this is where we basically need to go however this is not that simple guys now for instance in this case it's 340 in the morning and ablution room lights where the Lord of the mountain our horse is located is only available till 5 o'clock in the morning now in this case it's 3:40 so I decided to create a fireplace and rest till the next evening okay so if this happened to you this is basically your way out now the next important bit to know is the game kind of intends that you take one specific passage that will lead you up to that mountain and tangibles however the horse will immediately hear you it is you from miles away and it will be gone so this is what I came up with I went to exactly that location and I just jumped onto the mountain climbed it now that from hearing it probably it would sound pretty simple but it's not guys I actually tried that three four times and that horse always are at me and it ran off always it's pretty damn difficult to actually tame that thing now on a quick side note there are loads of lizards so if you're in need of any lizards go and grab them and at this specific point if you take that my passage at least you will see that blue shimmering light and really is a special moment in the game guys if you haven't been to that location go and check it out it's really awesome ok so as you can see there are these little rabbits and once you can see them basically you know that the Lord of the mountain is pretty close so even though we ate our stealth food we've already cooked and prepared you saw that those rabbits ran away so at this point you can probably imagine how difficult it was for me to actually jump on that course it really easy from miles away guys save and if something should happen you can load and nothing should probably go wrong now this is what I did I went on a small hill and I just glide it down that way it could æneas and we could land instantly I know stamina will run low pretty quickly so as we provided our meal going means that once you are on a horse in that way you will be able of the mountain guy won an awesome horse now this is the special thing about that always it never runs low on stamina it is so damn fast really I didn't want to travel anymore I just wanted to run around on it because it was so fast so immediately after I government of course I went to stable and this is what they told so a stable one actually allow us to register the Lord of the mountain but legend has it that children you know the guy where you can basically sell your monster pants get some crazy gear if you are finished and you complete with the games there is the legend that action registry and what this point gets sad god I decided to let it go but I couldn't before I actually said it and I wanted to take a picture just to remember the times we had together and I didn't really get a good one but as soon as I turned around it was gone but it left a mark