Zach yeah we'll be training back empires yeah and rear delt and shoulders in peace never do a feel leg I like jaw bit of neck how do you train your bra I'm saying it could go one of two ways it could be like sit for the crazy war could literally be see what blood sugar issues yeah shaky consumes a lot of sugar so he's counting their negative on the way down as well just to get more reps out a little bit of context II don't know what's gonna happen I'm a matter of doing a little I'm a bit of a cheat day so it's so far we had doughnut for breakfast like great start of the day and then top that with a bowl of cereal with ice cream in it so so far so good by like Matt's expelling a little bit see if we punished we're like when I'm running a guitar oh by the way guys lawsuit strip the white back down a little bit we just did that started with the toy down so I do like cigar like cool robe cooler I like to alternate a little bit I'm just working more like a mid back here upper back additional Renick so I do actually like this superset especially starting with a cool down and then move into something like a stretch like a pullover with the cables and you also get really good squeeze right like if the tendons if you were to go really heavy it's about you can you can cheat and add on a lot of weight so you gotta be really really careful because it's really easy to to train back we're not really engaged your lats that much you lose the contraction yeah you got your heavy so I'll see if this goes but I might have to go either poster whoa whoa put it put it he's gonna kick on commission [Laughter] doing the second-seeded normally you'd be hitting like a lot of like lower trout like mid-back here by professor doing and standing you can pull with your elbow coming down and get a like a lot of lower lat so like this for me feels a lot better standing first city but because I'm a hobbit height compared to Matt he looks a little bit more awkward I could just like hang back in a sec perfect height for me like it changes there so that arc does this right if you are in here the arc finishes here when you stand backyard finishes lower so it mabel's you to pull but like at a bigger angle relative to a shoulder their business couple go I say you shouldn't have done that's an ice cream in serial framework yeah up until about ten minutes ago I thought maybe it was a good idea I got a good party but energies come to a bit of a halt I'm not gonna lie but I think that was good the good work out otherwise decent