what a lot of people don't know is that you can work out with everyday objects and almost everyone has got access to well you do need a chair what as I almost everyone before starting this work I'd make sure that you do a warm up and I decided to do a short warm up of only one minute including 30 seconds of jogging on the place and then doing 30 seconds of arm rotations back and forth the first exercise is a squat and this is a sit-down squat and what you will do is you will perform each of these exercises for one minute so set down a timer and then perform the exercises and as you can see for this exercise you will do thirty seconds for your left leg and thirty seconds for your right leg then there is the abdominal exercise put your legs on a chair and then perform crunches and then there is another abdominal exercise involving a twist holding a chair and by holding it further away from your body it will be more difficult for you this exercise is a modified push-up with your feet on the chair and if you're making it more advanced you can perform a modified push-up and then lift your legs or your butt up in the air and this is also a great abdominal exercise and a shoulder exercise and then there is this exercise which is a dip using a chair only and you can make it easier by placing your feet closer to your body and bending your knees and finally an exercise for your biceps this is just a biceps chair curl and you can also grab it like this it depends on what kind of chair you are using make sure you perform this workout in a safe place so this one's happen and also don't do this work had more often than three days a week never two days in a row if you feel pain during the work then stop doing it when I was about 16 years old I wanted to start working at but I didn't have any weights and also didn't want to get a gym membership so instead I filled a backpack with books and started to do some exercises based on what I saw on YouTube and right now I'm making YouTube videos for you so that you can see that with some creativity you don't have to buy expensive equipment and you don't have to get a gym membership be creative