Hello! Everyone In this video you are going to watch two more sitting postures These are for the neck and spinal chord Watch and try doing them This is for the neck Since the nerves to the brain go along the neck you have to do it carefully You have to do this by sitting in an upright position First bend your neck forward such as your chin touches your chest After that move your neck to your right side very slowly Do it very slowly and carefully Then bring your neck to the back side. While doing this the front muscles in your neck region get stretched Then move your neck slowly to your left side Then slowly bring your neck to the front and start rotating the opposite side Move your neck to the left side, back=, right side and then to the front Do this only once Next is for the spinal chord Sit folding both the legs, lean slightly behind with the help of both your hands Now bring both the knees down to the left side of yours. While doing this, exhale Then lift both the legs while you inhale Again when you bend them to the right side, exhale It is very easy to do The spinal chord gets twisted nicely So its a good and an easy one Hope you have seen the exercises. they are very easy to do Try them and enjoy the benefits Thank You