Hey guys just a quick reminder the posture fix challenge starts on Monday October 2nd That’s this Monday get 50% savings on the posture fix program now through then learn more at the link below enjoy the video Hey guys, it’s Dean and welcome to man flow yoga today I’m going to show you three quick stretches to counter a seated position So this is perfect for you if you drive a lot, or you work at a desk Or you just want to work on your posture and get more confidence So we’re gonna use a block and a foam roller today, so the first one is a supported bridge And you’ll need a block for this so we’re gonna go onto your back I’m gonna have you put the block right under your lower back just above your waist and then Do a bridge so the knees are about hip-width distant you’re pressing down through your feet Your abs are tight your legs squeeze toward one another you’re releasing your shoulders onto the ground and your arms Are you can either bring your arms out into a goalpost arms like this straight out to the sides? or Along your sides, so this is the first version This is a supported bridge and you’re going to want to hold this for two to three minutes minimum the longer you hold this the more your Countering that seated position, so we’ve got level one with the block here We can turn the block up to level two here if that feels fine and again We just want to keep good engagement throughout the core throughout the legs and the feet so everything is engaged here not squeezing too tight, but I’m still keeping the muscles active so that’s That is exercise number one number two we’re gonna grab a foam roller, and you might need to block for this as well, so Number two I’m just gonna put D. I’m gonna bring my feet in toward my hips like this I’m gonna put the foam roller just below my shoulder blades And then I’m going to reach my arms back Pull my head away from my shoulder so really push the head back make my neck nice and long And then if I can maybe releasing my head to the ground but if I feel like I’m arching my neck too much to do that then I’m gonna use a block here like this and Kind of relax my head onto the ground err, and then I’ve got a big open chest here So I’m working on opening up my chest. I’ve got my legs in my core again. Slightly active here They don’t have to be too tight too. You know I’m not flexing as much as I can But I’m just keeping them active and then I’m gonna bring my arms out into goalposts arms here like this so My elbows bent at 90 degrees level with the shoulders Now I’ve got some nice stretching through my pecs as well So this is variation where this is stretched number two now if you want to go deeper You can release that block take it away And then release your head all the way down and now I’ve got a little bit more extension through my spine So I’m getting a little bit more of a stretch But if that hurts your neck make sure you use the block and then number three And this is going to be the most intense version We’re gonna use a block underneath your back with your legs straight out in front of you, so my legs are straight out I’m gonna put the block first at the lowest setting and this is gonna Go kind of just above my lower spine so right on the lumbar And then I’m going to release my head all the way down Keeping my body long so notice that I’m not letting my head collapse I’m not looking straight behind me but I’m trying to look as up as I can as straight up as possible bringing my arms out to goal post arms again and Then maybe press my arms further back like so so this is level one and Remember we can change the height of the block so level two. I’m going to turn this slightly up I’m gonna put this just below my shoulder blades I’m gonna keep my neck nice and long keep my core tight and if you want here You might want to use an extra block? So I’m gonna put thy head right on top of that block so it’s supported, and then I’m gonna go goalpost arms again Just like this and now I’ve got an even more open chest I’m getting my back more extended so more arched, and I’m countering that seated position Even more I’m keeping my legs active I’m keeping my core active just like this and then level three if I want to go even deeper And this is more intense so you know be warned before you go into it. It’s going to feel intense I’m going to put The highest setting on the block as much as I can keeping the ABS active lifting my chest My forehead back as much as I can so notice I’m keeping length and keeping control through my spine as I go back and then kind of reaching for that block with my head and Then lightly releasing my head to the to the block and now I’ve got an even deeper Bend through my back really reaching back I’m opening up my ribs. I’m opening up my intercostals. I’m stretching my chest and I’m really countering that seated position So I can hold this my goal with these exercises is to hold all of them for at least two minutes And maybe even up to five minutes, so there you go Those are my three my three favorite stretches for working on countering posture and as you notice They’re not super active so you can do them. Even when you’re somewhat tired. They’re gonna help. You improve your posture. They’re gonna Help you even increase your overall Chest potential power and strength so that’ll help you build chest muscle believe it or not it’s gonna help You build more shoulder muscle, and it’s gonna make you feel great and feel more confident, so If you like this video if you found it beneficial Make sure you share it a lot of other people know about this good posture can be for Everybody and then if you aren’t following me already on Facebook or on YouTube Make sure you’re subscribed make sure you like and get on my email list that’s the best way to stay in contact with me So if you want to hear more about this stuff get more information Learn tips on how you can get in better shape using yoga sign up at manful yoga comm slash sign – up All right guys. That’s what I’ve got for you today Thanks for watching make sure you subscribe share this with a friend, and I’ll see you on the next video