Yin Yang stone therapy is a deeply relaxing and nurturing massage treatment using flat, smooth surfaced warm and cold stones. A range of different sizes and shapes of stones are used to massage or placed on key points on the body to rebalance the yin & yang energy. Before the stones are used to massage, the carrier oil is applied to the skin, which allows the stones to glide smoothly along
the muscles. Essential oils may be added to the massage oil to enhance benefit of the stone therapy. During the session, the therapist uses the stones as an extension of her hands to perform massage. The warm stones are immersed in water and heated in an electric heater until they are within a certain temperature range. Basalt, which is Iron rich volcanic rocks or green coloured jade stones, are used as warm stones as they retain heat for a long period of time. Some stones may be placed on the back, on the abdomen, in the palms of the hands or between toes. These stones are left for a short period of time while the therapist continue to massage other areas of the body. The warmth of hot stones eases muscular tensions which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure more efficiently. It also improves
blood circulation and calms the nervous system to promote relaxation. Cold marble or jade stones are used to reduce tissue trauma and inflammation. They are also beneficial to massage on the face, which helps to decongest sinuses and reduce puffiness around the eyes. The combination of using both warm and cold stones stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems which helps to detoxify the body.
It also relieves pain and has a rejuvenating effect. The stones may also be placed on the certain acupressure points to rebalance the body and mind. After the treatment, We recommend to drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine also vigorous activity to let the body to rest.