How are you today? I’m well. I’m well [Russian] I’m well [Swahili] I’m well [French] I’m well [Twi] I’m well [Spanish] I’m well [Portuguese] Actually I’m not doing
that well. [upbeat music] Here at Yale, we recognize our
wellness needs are as diverse as we are. We want you to eat
well and Yale Dining offers you spa water, menus filled
with vegetarian choices and fresh local produce. And Move Well, at IM’s in the gym or at a free yoga workshop. We hope you Rest Well. Track your sleep patterns
with a sleep cycle app. Or, if you’re having sleep problems
drop by Student Wellness for a chat. Love Well in many forms. Hang with friends, share your
time and attention with others, or with partners in a more
intimate way. Student Wellness has resources
you may need. Save Well. Take a workshop on how to plan
for your financial life after Yale, or,
how to keep a budget while you’re here. Work Well, both inside and outside the classroom,
with help from our tutors at the CTL, or in your
residential colleges. And Seek Well.
Find that spiritual balance in the everyday. Take
a study break. Eat cookies and color or unplug.
A breathing-space, no electronics allowed. Finally Mind Well. Make mindfulness a habit.
At Student Health we’ll teach you what it is and how you can
achieve it with simple everyday practices like meditation. Whether you are an undergraduate,
a graduate or a Professional School student,
and whether you’re living on or off campus, you know that
you do so much better when you take good care
of yourself. When you act well, you eat well, you sleep and here
at Yale we really care about your well-being.
You can find more resources online at, or come on in and visit us at
Student Wellness. And most of all, be well.