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Price, quality, performance, warranty, brand trust, after sales & service, reusability,
familiarity and easy to operate. The rowing machine allows you to track your
progress; thanks to the multi-functional watch. It shows time, distance and intervals to show
how much exercise you need to do. This feature helps to structure workouts where you can
advance with time to reach your fitness goals. The rowing machine helps you to control your
workout intensity. It comes in an innovative design with water tank instead of weights.
This design is mess-free and works well for beginners and professional trainers equally.
It has smooth operation and almost silent making it suitable for home workouts. The machine is easy to assemble. It does not
require expert tools and skill to put together. After use, you can roll the machine on the
wheels when it is fully assembled. It packs straight which ensures you save on valuable
space in your workout area. You do not need any tool to disable it for storage. Kindly See the Description for This Product
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