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Tech Reviews Today I got my hands on a brand new fitness SmartWatch with an AMOLED display it’s 5ATM waterproof and you have a 24 day battery life and
lots more so this is the latest Xiaomi Amazfit GTR now first of all inside
the box you will find a user manual a USB magnetic charger and of course the
SmartWatch itself now you do have a tough and attractive build quality the
body is made from aluminium alloy with ceramic bezels going all the way around
and I have to say it does look like a well-designed
and durable looking SmartWatch and you can also pick this up in a stainless
steel version if you prefer that look now on the front we have a 1.3 9 inch
AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 454 by 454 and that is maximum
brightness I am going to put the brightness to halfway just above halfway
and to show you that it does look absolutely amazing a very nice
responsive AMOLED touchscreen display now you also have Bluetooth version 5
now this watch is running a custom basic OS and it is compatible with both iOS
and Android devices furthermore you’ve got a built-in 410 milliamp hour battery
which promises around 24 day battery life which is quite incredible and this
watch has an IP 68 v ATM rating which means you can go underwater swimming
with this up to 50 meters now the watch dimensions it’s forty seven point two
millimeters in diameter and only ten point seven millimeters in thickness and
weighs 52 point four grams and to give you an idea to size I will bring in the
Samsung Galaxy watch so this is how they fare side-by-side the Galaxy watch is 46
millimeters in diameter with a 1.3 inch screen it’s 13 millimeters in thickness
and weighs 63 grams now compared to the amaze fit GTR which is forty seven point
two millimeters in Mitter with a 1.3 9 inch screen it’s ten
point seven millimeters in thickness and weighs only 52 grams so quite similar in
size however the Amaze fit is slightly slimmer with a slightly bigger screen
but the straps we have hybrid leather straps with soft silicon on the inside
with these very comfortable ridges and a very smart looking
brown TPU leather finish on the outside now the watch itself feels quite
comfortable on the wrist it’s very slim and light and the straps
are also very easy to remove and replace with your own 22 millimeter strap now on
the side of the watch we have two buttons one is for power and the other
one is a back button and on the other side we have nothing and at the bottom
of the watch we have an all-day optical heart rate sensor and your charger pins
on either side so I’ll quickly show you the charger it’s a magnetic charger so
you just drop it on top and you can go ahead and charge that up from any USB
source and it will take around 70 minutes to charge up and it’s quite a
strong connection it’s not going to come off very easily as you can see so great
magnetic USB charger included now this much connects to your smartphone via
bluetooth version 5 and you do have an advanced built-in gps and glonass so
accurate gps included furthermore there is no Wi-Fi no SIM slot or no NFC so you
do need to be connected to your smartphone via bluetooth
but it does support both iOS and Android smartphones so this is basically a
fitness SmartWatch and the main functions of this watch are all-day
activity tracking with calorie and distance information you have
notification alarms sleep monitoring and lots more I’ll quickly go through the
system apps so if you swipe up from the bottom you’ve got status heartrate
workout activities whether music notification alarm alerts event
reminders more and settings if you click on more you’ve got a compass timer count
down and find your mobile if we swipe to the right you’ll put a shortcut to your
heart rate sensor which we will be testing in a bit if we swipe again
you’ve got your step counter and that brings you back to the watch if we
swiped from the top you got some quick toggles
and settings so you can adjust your brightness etc now let’s talk about
watch faces you can’t download new watch faces directly from the smartphone app
so you click on settings go to watch face settings and these are all
downloadable watch faces that you can immediately download now I’ll download
one just to show you how long it takes so if we just choose a random watch face
this one here so if you select it it will say sync watch face I never tell
you that download size is 656 KB which is under a
megabyte so it’s not a huge huge file to download so it’s already downloaded it’s
now syncing it directly to the watch and now this process can take up to one and
a half minutes to download and send the watch face directly to your watch so
download dial is successful and there you go the watch face has now appeared
now the Amaze fit app will give you detailed information on your health
activities I haven’t done anything yet myself but you’ve got walking running
cycling sleep data heart rate your weight goal tracking and then you’ve got
a section for friends you got your profile settings and over here you can
adjust your goals your records etc if you click on the watch you’ve got lots
of settings that you can activate so watch face settings unlock screen
incoming call alerts event reminder watch alarm app alerts idler t’ and you
can click more you got incoming SMS and call notifications furthermore I’ll skim
through these settings over here just to show you what else you can do
lift wrist to view info running background ringtones etc so quite a
feature pack watch you do have firmware updates at the bottom in fact when I
first did pair this up there was an update and the firmware update was an
automated process and it and it did update the firmware automatically for me
so now we’re going to do a quick screen on hand-raise tests so amazed fit versus
the galaxy watch we’re going to do them both at the same time to see how they
fare so here we go galaxy watch straightaway as usual but
the Amaze fit wasn’t bad at all let’s do it again okay a slight second delay and then it’s
on I think it’s doing a very good job the Amaze fit for the screen on hand
raise the Galaxy watch is definitely a lot faster but a split second later the
Amaze fit turns on beautiful screen slim watch very very responsive so once I got
both watches on my wrist we may as well run a similar taneous heart rate test without a t3 on the galaxy and we’re
getting around and we’ve got a live reading here on the Amaze fit and it’s
on 81-82 so both smart watches will provide you with a super accurate heart
rate sensor so there you have it guys that was the Xiaomi amazed fit gt-r
smart fitness watch so here are my thoughts on this device this is a great
Fitness SmartWatch you have multiple sensors built in giving you superb
accurate results for the step counter optical heart rate monitor and GPS the
watch can also automatically monitor your sleep and exercises another bonus
is it’s 580 M waterproof so you can go swimming up to 50 meters underwater the
straps are also very comfortable and removable battery life is very
impressive and you can achieve up to 24 days you have a beautiful design with an
AMOLED display and the touch screen is very responsive now there are a few
drawbacks which I have to mention whilst you can download watch faces it takes
nearly 1.5 minutes for the watch face to download from your smartphone and
transfer to your watch I think 1.5 minutes is a bit long to
wait and to make things a little bit more inconvenient you can only download
one watch face at a time so if I was to download another watch face the first
one will disappear furthermore Bluetooth calls and SIM cards are not supported so
bottom line if you’re looking for a solid accurate Fitness SmartWatch which
looks professional and attractive and durable and will give you a super
battery life with lots of premium extras like 5 ATM GPS and lots more then this
is the one you need to consider in fact I’m calling the Amaze fit GTR the
best Fitness SmartWatch I have tested so far in 2019 and with that being said I
will leave the links in the description so you guys can check this product out
meanwhile thank you so much for watching and I hope you all have a brilliant day
see you in the next one guys