What’s up guys? So continuing the ABC series, we did the hip and now we’re going to move up to the wrist and the arm line. So you have your 4-foot stick, if you
have a 3-foot stick that works just fine too, of course longer lever will increase or
decrease the intensity of the movement. So all we’re going to do from a tall standing position,
glutes engaged, pelvis tucked, abs tight, ribs to hips. We’re going to bring the stick out, I’m going
to be right at the bottom of the grip here, and then all I’m going to do is, at the end,
I’m going to start to write the alphabet. I want to make sure that the lat is engaged,
shoulders packed down and back, and as I’m writing the letters I’m controlling the motion, I’m maintaining level of the arm, and making sure that that stays parallel to the floor.
Make sure that all five digits are in contact with the stick So we’re starting to build up shoulder endurance. So start small starts say, A through H or M and then break it down maybe even into thirds and then see how far you can get before you
start to be able to do the whole entire alphabet.