So this is part of our Alphabet Series and you’re
going to see this throughout different joints. Today we’re going to do the wrist.
We’re gonna use a 4-footer Dennis is going to set up his elbow at
90 degrees and what he’s gonna do, you can look at the ground or you can look at the top
of the stick, he’s gonna try to go through the alphabet. So nice and controlled, nice and slow. What we want to look at here is
there’s no movement in this elbow, there’s no movement in the shoulder
or the rest of his body. He’s gonna keep about maybe a 10 to 15
percent pressure as he starts out, and if we come around to this side,
we can take a look at his hand, he’s got a full grip of the stick.
His pinky isn’t coming off. Because we want all that mobility
and strength right here. Okay, so going through the alphabet makes
that wrist move in every single direction. So as you get more comfortable with
this you can increase the tension. So now Dennis can ratchet it up to 40 – 50 percent. So as you gain more control you’re also
getting a lot of strength in that forearm. So if you play golf, you play baseball, tennis, these
things are crucial this is what holds onto that club. So if you can’t control this you’re gonna have issues. After you make it through the whole
alphabet make sure you switch arms. Remember, start off 10 to 15 percent, as you get better and better ratcheted up
and your wrist will get nice and strong. Give it a shot!