– There’s a cheeky new workout craze. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical morning. – Would you ever consider
participating in a workout class where you and everybody
else is completely naked? Totes naked. – Let me consider it for a second, no. – Well you’re gonna consider it more. – I would not be into that idea. – Because we’re gonna talk about it today. Because it turns out this is happening, of course this is happening. It’s the Earth. – Right, 2017, year of the butt. – If you can think of it,
it’s probably happening somewhere on the Earth,
or those other Earths that were discovered. It’s probably happening
on some of those, too. But this is in Southampton,
England, it’s called nudercise. – Oh yeah, of course it is. – It’s all in the marketing. And it is an hour-long
class featuring, quote, gentle boot camp style
exercise with partner games. – Uh, what? – And teamwork, which
includes jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, and partner work. Did I mention partner work? For only eight euro. – Naked partner games, that could mean a number of things. – It’s all on the up and up. This is England. – Okay, alright, so naked partner games we’re talking exercises. – And there are photos. From the article,
– Oh no, come on. – From thesun.co.uk, now
we’ve added these black boxes – Well for you, but not for me. – We don’t see the black boxes. – I don’t see anything, well I see, – I’m requesting that we add black boxes, because the blurring standards in the UK are either really low, or they just got no blurring skills,
man, it’s like so sloppy with the blurring over there. – I see crack for days, man. – They don’t care, they don’t care. – What is going on, what, first of all, – That guy’s not even
hinging, imagine how much more crack there is when he hinges. – They’re not in sync at all. And that guy, he’s not completely naked, he’s got knee pads on, he’s cheating. – And shoes. – Yeah, well several of them have shoes, oh, there is a woman. – [Link] There is Helen
Smith with the stopwatch. She started this class. – Oh, a woman started this class. – Yes, after someone on a forum asked her if it was a service she offered up. – Yeah, a dude on a forum. A man had to find his
way into this somehow. I’m not trying to generalize
about men and women here, but I’m just saying that this has a dude’s idea written all over it. And a bunch of dudes
thought it was a good idea, and they all showed up at the class, and it was a bunch of dudes
showing up for the class. – There’s 10 people in the
class, and one of them’s a woman, and then the instructor’s a woman with a stopwatch and nothing else. – Any time a man says,
hey, this would be better if we were all naked, you know I mean, – You just roll your eyes. – You gotta know what he’s thinking, he’s thinking about naked partner games. – Right, right, right. But let’s not sell this short,
or let’s not overjudge this. – Let’s not poo poo on it. – Let’s hear, well if they did, – Hopefully they don’t.
– You’d see it immediately. Helen says, the main
benefit of exercising naked is that you can really
see what the instructor is doing in the exercises. – Oh, gimme a freaking break. Have you ever seen the tight yoga pants? If you’re talking about
seeing form-fitting stuff, I can tell what the body is
doing, I don’t want to know what certain parts of the body are doing, they’re irrelevant to the exercise. – You’re not disagreeing with her, though, so you’re totally agreeing. You can definitely see what
the instructor is doing in these exercises. For example, if, this
is still her talking, if you’re doing a plank, but
wearing baggy exercise clothes it’s hard to tell if you
have the correct form or not, so this is all about the planks, y’all. – Hold on, this is a big leap
from baggy exercise clothes to no clothes. Let’s just get tight clothes,
it’s already happening. – But you know, I’ve
been searching my soul and my heart to try to figure
out what I think about this, and I mean, first of
all, right off the bat, my reaction is this is painfully awkward. I mean I go into a public
restroom, I don’t know where to put my eyes,
what am I supposed to do, – On yourself, man. – I’m like looking up at the wall. I like look up, when I’m
at the row of urinals. – Well think about me, every
time I get next to somebody, though, they’re like, oh a tall
dude, he can see everything. You know, that’s what people think, and I keep my head locked,
even if they address me, I never turn my head. – For a tall dude, it’s not
just about where the eyes are, it’s about how much
higher everything else is. I’m just saying. – But I’m just talking
about my perspective. – This morning I was at a workout class. – Hell yeah, you were. – And I was supermanning on the ground. – What does that mean? – That’s when you lay on your belly and then you lift your arms and your feet, and it like does, it
like works out your back. But then in between you
put your face into the mat, and the whole time I’m thinking, what was right here on the
mat before my face was here? Was this somebody else’s crotch? I mean at least I took comfort in the fact that the crotch was
covered in shorts or pants. Not the case here, I mean,
it’s painfully awkward. – There are sanitary issues potentially. – Beyond that, it also
could be painfully painful. I mean there’s lots of flopping going on. – Well it depends on how
hard your jumping jacks are. I mean, I take it easy sometimes. – No, you gotta go full bore, man. – Listen, it is 2017, and so in an effort to not just be too old school,
and too close-minded to this, I will say that, okay, there’s
one perspective that is, you know, our shame around nakedness, and our discomfort with the human body, is just a cultural construct. Right, and so we should
be more comfortable with naked bodies, and
we shouldn’t associate shame with those, but I’ll tell ya, I can get there almost, but
when I see some junk jangling during a jumping jack,
that entire worldview is gonna come crumbling down. I’m sorry, it’s just
better if you secure it. It’s just gonna be better. – It doesn’t tumble down, it
more just goes all around. – Yeah, well you don’t have
to describe it in detail, you could just go to one
of these classes to see. – I don’t really wanna scramble
my worldview in that way. – And I will say also that
I personally don’t need to be any more embarrassed
with my exercise routine than I already am,
because I recently started a pilates class, not
personally started it, I joined a pilates class. – You know what, this is a safe
place, Rhett, you can share. – You guys know, I talk about it a lot, I’ve got back issues, and my
physical therapist has taught, – Do they teach you to be a pilot? – No, it’s not about
piloting, it’s about pilates. And it’s really good for
flexibility, and core strength, and things that guys like
me, who have back issues, and apparently a lot of older
dudes, and women, also need because that’s who’s in my class. Now I go to two different things a week, and just in case you
question whether or not I’m actually doing this,
I did get my instructor to take some compromising
video footage of me that I’m gonna show to you, and this is from my private class,
which just means that it’s just me and an instructor. – Now before you play this, – That’s why there’s
nobody else in the class. – You were not nude, I
just need to be prepared. – Yes, I’m not nude.
– Do we need any black boxes? – I show a lot of thigh,
– Oh my goodness. – I am not nude. – Okay, here we go.
– This is me in action. – What is happening? – I’m breathing. – Why you gotta make eye contact? What are you doing,
oh, here’s another one. – This is called the flower
– Oh wow. – I’m making a flower, this
is very good for the back. Now you can imagine if I was naked. – Yeah, not that I want to, but if you were naked right now, oooh, what is that, a foot? – That’s my foot, I wear
toe socks in the class. – You’re going full bore. – Because it has special grip,
and I really need the grip. – Plus you’d want to make
sure you don’t lose a toe. – Now as you can imagine, if
I were naked in that situation it would not only be a little awkward, but it might be dangerous. There’s a lot of cables. I mean, there’s so many
cables, and weights, and things sliding around, – Yeah, you don’t wanna
get something hung. – You get into a conversation,
and the next thing you know, – It’s lopped off.
– Yeah. – Or just tied in a knot. – Compromised in some way.
– Let’s not, – Temporarily or permanently compromised. – Oh my goodness, so should
we watch the video again, and just picture you nude? – No, you shouldn’t.
– I don’t think so either. They can do that on Tumblr. – So again, this is like,
I’m taking baby steps towards just being
comfortable with, you know, myself in an exercise class
in compromising positions. At this point in my life, I don’t think that I am evolved enough
to say, you know what, I’m ready to do it naked. Maybe next year. – Maybe next year? – Next year I’ll show you
the naked pilates video, with big black bars. – I mean it is good to have
goals when you’re working out, but I just don’t think
that’s a great goal. – Okay, well, hey, to each his own, man. – Like don’t keep going to pilates, – You don’t have to come there. – If you hope that soon you’ll get naked. – You don’t have to be there. – No, I’ll try it. – What do you think about
nudercise, do you wanna try? Thanks for liking,
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