(upbeat orchestral music) – Hey munchies! If if you’re new, I’m Alyssia. And we’re getting weird
today as we discuss some of the dumbest diets
I have ever heard of. Disclaimer. I must be clear that in
no way am I recommending any of these diets. Let’s learn together
today while making fun of some people’s pretty
crazy and often unsafe ideas. Remember, you need to
do what’s right for you. If that is one of these diets, well, take responsibility
for your choices. The cookie diet. – [Man] What is it? – This was a real diet developed in 1975 by a physician treating
overweight patients. These are pre-made cookies, diet cookies, not regular cookies. They’re high fiber and high protein. I can only imagine the taste
is far from a delicious cookie. It’s been revamped since then
by a few different companies and the deal is, you can
have one or two cookies every two hours for a total
of six to nine per day. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – These cookies may essentially be like cookie shaped protein bars, but what I hate about this diet is that it just further perpetuates our unhealthy relationship with food and lack of understanding of moderation. Healthy cookies are not, I believe our goal should be to develop
a hunger for whole foods and an appreciation for
those less healthy options when we consume them on occasion. – [Man] Alternative? – Literally any diet except
for the ones in this video. The tapeworm diet. – [Man] What is it? – It emerged in the 1920’s based on the obviously false notion
that ingesting a tapeworm was an appropriate way to shed pounds. People actually did this. Popping pills that contained tapeworms which once in your intestines, were supposed to feed off of your innards, helping to consume your digested food. – Why it’s stupid. – I’ll let you be the judge of that. (intense music) Eat a salad or even 18 salads. You’ll be better off and still
probably lose more weight. The military diet. – [Man] What is it? – Lose 10 pounds in one week. A predetermined menu consisting of toast, vanilla ice cream, saltine crackers, hot dogs and more strange combinations. It does note to not consume
artificial sweeteners though because those are bad for
you and your blood sugar. Also, don’t add any cream
or sugar to your coffee, but you can still have
ice cream every night. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – Rewind the last 10
seconds of this video. – [Man] Alternative? – Don’t do this diet. There’s no rhyme or reason behind it. And the only reason
anyone would lose weight is because of calorie restriction. Yes, a deficit in calories
can be helpful for weight loss but it can be done in a much healthier way with more nutrition dense foods. The potato diet. – [Man] What is it? – Potatoes of all kinds, cooked, baked, mashed or sliced all day long. No oil, dairy, meat, eggs, only potatoes with some spices or steamed veggies. It started because some
dude wanted to make a point that potatoes were unfairly demonized and could be a healthy food. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – I sort of feel this
way about all mono diets, there’s no reason to only eat one food. We need a variety. Sure, you could survive on potatoes, but why even do it when you can survive more nutritiously and more
comfortably with other foods? I get that potatoes get a bad rep because they’re high in starchy carbs but is the way to prove
people wrong about potatoes to really only eat them all day long? – [Man] Alternative? – Don’t be afraid of potatoes. And treat them like any
other root vegetable when including them in your diet. I know, some vegans out
there are gonna tell me that potatoes are a complete food and that this is a great diet. And to all of you, I say, eat
all the potatoes you want. The baby food diet. – [Man] What is it? – Three or more days of
eating pureed baby foods. The first two meals of the
day are only baby food. The last meal is a low calorie meal consisting of a small serving
of protein and veggies. You’re supposed to eat 14
jars of baby food per day. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – Goo goo, gah gah. Me a baby. – [Man] Alternative? – Eat the whole foods that
baby food is made from but in its whole foods adult form. A.K.A. not pre-chewed. The ice cube diet. – [Man] What is it? – This is no mono diet of only ice. Instead, pop a hoodia satiety cube into any drink and curb your
appetite and snack less. Hoodia is an herbal
supplement from South Africa that’s supposed to control hunger pains. But the main question is
how this rare supplement can actually be in so many diet products claiming to contain it. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – You’re consuming an expensive ice cube to keep you from eating as much food. – [Man] Alternative? – Eat whole foods that will keep you full from healthy nutrients, fiber and protein rather than a creepy cube of ice. The cotton ball diet. – [Man] What is it? – Gobble up around five cotton balls dipped in orange juice or
lemonade in one sitting. Feel full without gaining weight. Some people use these to
limit their food intake and others subsist on
cotton balls exclusively. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. (crickets chirping) – Come on you guys! Most cotton balls aren’t
even made of cotton. They’re bleached polyester
fibers with loads of chemicals. This T-shirt is also made of polyester. Maybe I’ll dip that in orange
juice and eat it for lunch. – [Man] Alternative? – If we’re serious, the
alternative is to eat food. And please note that this
is actually not just a joke, it’s dangerous, eating
cotton balls can build up and create blockages
and there’s that whole malnutrition thing since you
know, cotton balls aren’t food. The soap diet. – [Man] What is it – Well, thank goodness
you’re not eating soap. This one is from 1924,
La-Mar reducing Soap was supposed to offer a magic solution for unwanted double chins and tummy fat. Pretty much it’s supposed
to reduce cellulite and it actually continues today. There are tons of scams where companies try to market soaps that will supposedly make you lose weight. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – While soaps and beauty
products may be able to help tighten skin or wrinkles, it isn’t going to penetrate
your skin and zap the fat away. Wouldn’t that be nice? – [Man] Alternative? – A healthy diet and lots of water will do our bodies inside and out better than any soap ever could. Staring into the sun diet. – [Man] What is it? – Instead of eating, stare into the sun. Seriously, one of the latest
diet fads in Honk Kong, women are going to the
beach around sunset. And instead of dinner, they
spend about half an hour staring directly into the sun. (fire crackling) Sun gazing is their eating substitute. They’re literally feeding
off of solar energy. Some of the women who
have done this therapy claimed that they now eat less and some don’t have to eat at all. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – Staring into the sun
is painful for a reason. It’s bad for your eyes. Also, you’re not a plant. You can’t photosynthesize. Soak up a bit of vitamin D
during the day with sunglasses on and then eat some nutritious
vegetables for dinner. The clay diet. – [Man] What is it? – A new detox diet that involves stirring an edible clay like bentonite into a glass of water to drink. Now, this isn’t supposed
to replace your food. It’s supposed to accompany it
to absorb and remove toxins, impurities and chemicals
and help you lose weight. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – This is another fad diet and quick fix. Remember, our kidneys are
there to detox for us. If we are fueling our bodies properly, they don’t need any help
from an expensive clay. Also worth mentioning, the key ingredient in this clay is also in cat litter. – [Man] Alternative? – To avoid heavy metals, don’t smoke, use aluminum-free personal care products and eat more nutrient
dense detoxifying foods like parsley, kale, broccoli or foods that are rich in
zinc, selenium and vitamin C. The air diet. – [Man] What is it? – Eat nothing at all. (chuckles) Eat zero foods to shed those pounds. Based on the concept of breatharianism, believing that you can live on only energy from the sunlight and air, similar to the staring into the sun diet, and that you don’t need any
nourishment from food at all. – [Man] Why it’s stupid. – Here is the best part
in why it’s stupid. With this diet, all you do
is prepare a delicious meal no matter what it is, even if it’s junk and you keep the meal
right in front of you and you eat the air above the meal to try and trick your brain into thinking that you’re actually eating
the meal without eating it. Wait, wait, wait. Do I have to starve myself
and I still have to cook? – [Man] Alternative? – Cook the meal you wanna
eat and then also eat it. Moral of the episode, don’t get caught up in ridiculous diets. If it sounds crazy, it probably is. And if it doesn’t sound
crazy, it still might be. Most importantly, learn
what works for you body. I will you see next week for a new episode and remember, specially
when it comes to dieting, it’s all a matter of mind over munch. – [Man] Oh there she goes. (laughs) – Goo goo, gah gah. Me a baby. (laughs)