Making time to care for your health can be tricky. It’s definitely on your to do list, but where are you going to find the time? We’re about to make one
thing easier for you. Coming soon to your
workplace is a health test that you can pick up at work
and take when it suits you. It’s a quick and simple
blood test, MyHealthTest. So a blood test at work,
how’s that going to work? Relax, it’s a fingerprick test. You’ll just need a few drops of blood. And it’s up to you whether you collect your sample at work or at home. Your sample goes off in the regular mail. And in a matter of days you’ll get your results online
via the secure website. We respect your privacy. Your individual results won’t be shared with anybody but yourself. They’ll also be easy to
understand, and you’ll know if your result is outside
of the expected range. So that if there are any issues,
you can discover them early and prevent them from
becoming more serious. Taking care of your health should be easy. MyHealthTest gives you the freedom to check your health where
and when it suits you. MyHealthTest, it’s your
health, your choice.