♪♪♪ Hi and welcome back to another episode of Ask a Trainer, I’m your host Candice Currie,
joined here today with Pro Results® Trainer, Morgan Connors. So, Morgan, I’ve got another question. This one comes to us today from Alicia J. She says she’s a 23-year-old female, 5’8”, and weighs about 157 lbs. So, two years ago she hurt her back at work and she wants to know
what kind of workouts are best to strengthen her back without being too strenuous on her lumbar as well as her ribs? Well, most important is to always get that doctor’s approval when we want to
reenter a fitness program, especially returning from an injury. So, after the doctor’s approval, what we would really kind of ask is
what was the mechanism of injury? We want to breakdown those movements so we’re not replicating
any that were kind of performed during the point of injury. OK So, after that I would say, one the places we would want to start is doing things like squats. Typically, we think of squats as a leg exercise but it’s really good for helping stabilize the back and then working on those stabilizing muscles which is going to be
the glutes and the legs for that good spine structure. That sounds good. If you have a question send it to us at [email protected] and don’t forget to subscribe.
We’ll see you next time. ♪♪♪