[Applause] every a bit but he start off they walk for about a lot or so just so that they calm down because a lot of times you gonna meet you're all excited so the walk gets them to calm down and then they job and then they do their dynamic stretching first race of the season to Christ when I said to see that excited ready already who's gonna be the fastest one the Papa girl it's always you take you let him set the example my young homicide at miss blue sees a new goal so that's me and then 45 minutes out they put the spikes on the display and the start it's a certain thing before studies practice starts well really the bottom line is creative benefits cushioning if you watch it didn't seem like that really quick so you wouldn't get a 90 degree angle the front line and then push off foam blocks and the whole thing is gonna get spring they drive yourself up quality you know starters you never change be diversity they all made a mistake here there Mario rookies were all over the place you know but we gotta focus a little bit more and we really hit a building on in this round two hours until they race again so what do you have them do well generally now built a little rest for an hour see the first the first warm-up is 90 minutes the second one is an hour and then third when they run in an hour so basically just staying warm so now they'll go little rest for an hour and then what is resting mean for you my mom focus please sign this faster five thousand great race uploaded to my rant great morrow and well here an old easy I'm really excited about Joe Williams as a freshman who's never run indoors before and if we wait looks at probably read six and seven so I'm excited about him and in John will get it together so this gonna be a planes final those guys are so competitive riders they're used to this and it would surprise me if I ran a fast time to country today and what do you guys do between the semi and the final right now you really become just just recovering she's been resting so what I'll do is let them to start really about forty minutes before and just warm up easy in their flags and put the spikes on take maybe one easy practiced are really easy and then that's it really between the semi-final follow which is an hour it's almost all rest zero it's a 660 and see a lead right now PR thank you PR the past two races right side high house today feels started season off with the 660 great it feels to come back and where when I started out Matthew and uh and now with every card these sacrifice for each other practice cover they love each other long way to go no way to go blade this was a great start at the great it was a great way to start my race off they wouldn't stop my CC are ready to keep defeating in 200 open up in the 200s we got Nebraska so I'm ready for making points today and your training keep getting better every day finding ways to get better you