hi I'm Laura Hernandez in Las Vegas here to show you how to train the circle and flip your workout into something extraordinary today we'll be working out with Vitor a performer in car our Las Vegas show filled with gravity defying vertical stunts and as you train along with Vitor we'll show you how to defy the everyday – Vitor performs incredible feats ten shows a week every week and it takes a lot more than a solid core to do it ready to workout the surf way let's circuit out hi i'm matthew Miller I'm a performance conditioning specialist at Cirque du Soleil as a performance conditioning specialist it's my job to help make sure these performers are strong enough and durable enough to endure 10 shows a week and almost 500 shows a year and still bring you the performances that you love seeing hi guys what's up my name is vit I'm from Brazil and I'm do capoeira and I'm acrobatic at the circus Olay doing the Jester at God whoo comes to us with any fitness program or regiment one of the most important things is movement prep or warm-up so what we're gonna do is five dynamic movements followed up with four active stretches to get Vitor a little bit more warmed up to get going into his workouts all right Vitor so we're gonna start off with those high knees chest up get those knees above your hips 20 times get it three four five six very good excellent next one buck kickers we're gonna get those knuckles on your butt chest up and pull those heels all the way to your palms 20 times ready go so as you're doing this one we want to try to feel stretch in those hip flexors and you should feel those hamstrings fire pretty well during this movement and perfect excellent next one classic this is jumping jacks the spin on it is that we want to make sure our elbow stays straight as possible so we offer the shoulder as much mobility and warm-up as we can get so let's get 20 jumping jacks keeping those elbows as straight as we can offering as much mobility so those shoulders as hot as possible right go ahead – good and as he's doing these one thing you want to try to keep in mind too is you we don't want to jump jack in front right we want to keep those arms behind the ears to offer as much mobility as possible excellent vitor beautiful all right next one in this set is air squats right so we want to make sure we counterbalance most of the weight is set back onto the outsides of our feet in our heels our knees are over our toes and our chest is up so if you'd like you can keep those hands out in front of you it's a counterbalance that movement kb2 I bring those feet a little bit closer together stack those feet underneath your shoulders drive those knees out and sit into that squat good and you can roll through it a little bit quicker being more dynamic with it excellent so as you begin this movement you might not feel that you can get all the way into that depth but as you start to warm up you should be able to feel it you can get a little deeper with each repetition there you go I speak to our chest is up hips are back weights on the outside of his feet in his heels and his knees are driving over his toes perfect all right you two are excellent next one we've got a twisting heel touch right so we're gonna open up your stance we're gonna turn those toes out keep those hands wide open and you're going to twist you're going to press push your hips back in order to reach down it's the opposite heel you'll feel this the majority into your hamstrings and your adductors and then we want to add a twist to get some thoracic mobility in there as well all right go ahead tennis side twist and rotate good so you can see one thing is really important with this movement is that he's driving his hips back we're not just dropping the shoulders forward we're actually pushing the hips back which is going to enable us to keep our back super straight do you feel that mr. king you know hamstrings adductors good and then we add that twist in order to achieve a little bit of thoracic mobility as well in order to get that twist you've got to turn your head can't just spin your shoulders perfectly tor excellent good perfect all right now we're gonna move into the four active stretches that we'll do in order to get a little more mobility into his lower extremity since he's an acrobat right then specializes in martial arts we wanna make sure those hips are nice and loose so that first movement right we're gonna go into that giant lunge yup and we're gonna open up the front of the hips so keep that back leg off the ground good keep your weight here and we're gonna drive that right arm up and over good and as you're doing this feature I want you to drive your hips forward good and that will open up the front of your hip perfect each of these stretches you can hold for about 15-20 seconds excellent perfect and now we'll move into the second one both hands down in front of you the idea for this one is we want to try to press the hips as low into the ground keeping us proud of chest as possible you can be mobile with this one so if you toe if you want you can kind of press into your toe you can move yourself forwards and backwards and this will help open up the back of that hip you may feel this in your in the front of your hip flexor or you also might feel this in your hamstring on this side all depending on where you are tightest perfectly to her excellent all right next one we're going to twist open so let's actually have you turn around perfect yep so from the hands down we'll have him twist towards the bent knee to add that thoracic mobility and this will also generate a deeper stretch into that glute and hip flexor on the right side perfect same thing about 15-20 seconds each movement perfectly to our settle back to your right knee for me yep settle back all the way to this knee chest up and then extend that left leg so now we're going to transition into mobilizing the hamstring and again we want it to be active so we want to use the quad and the dorsi flexors of your foot engage them in order to really mobilize that hamstring good keeping your chest up as much as you can will offer the greatest mobility into that hamstring same thing you can kind of be a little mobile with it kind of you ballistic just to kind of get that muscle warm perfect and then we'll repeat the same thing on the other side good so chest up and pull the arm back excellent you can see he's driving his hips forwards right getting as much mobility to the front of that hip as possible engaging that glute in the back actively pulling his posterior chain his shoulder and staying tight the rest core okay go ahead down two hands to the bottom he's gonna keep his hips low his chest up and again you can create a bit of extra mobility by moving forwards and backwards side to side however you'd like to do it do have you torque good go ahead and turn towards that bent knee yep excellent then we're just offering that thoracic mobility along with increased glute and more hip flexor perfect again settle back to that left knee good there we go and we'll activate the front of that shin and your quad in order to help relax that hamstring and then keep your back straight and move into that stretch yep lean and lean in there you go where do you feel that most yeah right perfect good excellent so now that we've done our dynamic movements we've gone through our active stretches now we're a bit more ready to get into the strengthening portion of our workout so for the strengthening portion of this workout there's three exercises and the intent of these movements is going to take a little bit more time we're not we're not trying to do these fast so for this first exercise we're gonna be doing a unilateral deadlift into a tuck into a reverse lunge so it's really gonna focus on strengthening that posterior chain while offering coordination and balance at the same time so reverse there you go excellent and squeeze that left glute come up to the top rest that kettlebell on your knee tuck it up squeezing that left glute place the foot down and step back into a lunge yes keeping your shoulders over your center of gravity or over your hips want to try to not lean forwards when you go into that lunge so here we're driving the hip back perfect feet or squeezed up tuck the knee up in front squeezing that left glute keep that left knee straight good and now step back into the lunge Vitor is doing this a super slow you don't have to do it as slow as him so add a little bit more pep to it so lunge stand out of it tuck and reverse lunge yes let's do one more okay tuck squeeze that left glute and step back there you go challenging his central nervous system and his balance perfect and step back into that lunge perfect great job you are whoo the second movement we're gonna add is a goblet squat so feet a little bit closer together good and sit back into that squat excellent so you could see the majority of his weight is on the outside of his feet and his heels his hips are driving behind while his chest is staying up and his knees are driving over the tops of his toes the other thing that will really help with this movement is is controlling your breath so at the top of the movement you inhale hold the breath sit into the squat and then as you get out of that sticking point you exhale give a V throw let's do two more last one perfect again place it down excellent the third movement in this small circuit is going to be a foam roll plank so it's basically a more difficult version of a plank onto the foam roller so straighten those legs out perfect elbows are underneath his shoulders and then from here he's gonna stay nice and Hollow those ABS are gonna stay engaged and he's going to extend and return excellent to the other thing you can notice is that feet towards eyes his gaze is staying forward which means that he's staying up engaged perfect okay let's do four more Vitor these are perfect seven nice you can see how much he's using his lat incorporating with his core with this movement last repetition Vitor and rest perfect so these are the three movements as part of the strengthening part of this workout we're gonna do five on each side of the deadlift we're gonna do ten goblet squats we're gonna do fifteen foam roll planks or plank foam rollers complete this set for three and make sure you're resting as much as needed there's no rush with these we really want to make sure that the muscle is fully recovering so that we're capitalizing on gaining strength instead of building stamina so on to the next section of our workout this is the metabolic conditioning part so the key to this part is that we're not focusing as much on strength as we are focusing on stamina so for this workout there's three sections okay each section of the workout starts at a five minute increment so the beginning of the workout starts you start your running clock and Vitor will begin the first section at the five minute mark you have to be completed with the first because the second one starts and then at the 10-minute mark the third one starts okay so the first section is a couplet two movements we were doing a squat press and we were doing a deadlift bent row so I'll demonstrate these for you really quick Vitor so we're gonna take our dumbbells for the squat press you're gonna take the dumbbells place them up on your shoulders okay from here we're going to assume that squat position we talked about before you're going to take a full squat hips below knees stand and press okay so squat and stand this is gonna be done for fifteen repetitions when you're finished you're gonna move forwards into a deadlift and a bent row so feet are standing underneath your hips we're gonna push that button back in order to get the weights in front once we're in this position you row once lengthen and then stand again this exercise will be completed for ten repetitions you'll do both of these exercises for three sets you have five minutes to finish anytime that you have left after is the rest before you begin the next couplet it should take you between three and a half and four minutes if you're hustling okay so earn that rest you ready to beat or okay so the first portion 15 and ten we've got squat press and then dumbbell bent row you ready go good try to string those movements together so as you press take that weight right above your head yes squat and press good move a little faster for me here you go when you press press those hands all the way behind your ears there you go squeeze those glutes to the top nice that's the pace you need to do in order to keep this going it would be tour good good good sitting back he's keep his chest up and he's keeps breathing so make sure you're actively breathing get those 15 reps good Vitor good and 15 excellent all right now keep those feet a little closer together start with weights your side drive back and hit that bent row and row one lengthen and stand good send it back there you go Vitor come on we've got 90 seconds left until we begin the second portion of this of this part there we go you dig in three about it four good last one and five good rest perfect hang those tight alright so you've got one minute to breathe until we begin the kettlebell swings and the burpees at the ten minute mark your last portion which is called an L sit so you're gonna take your dumbbells this is a difficult movement this is a circle a movement what we'll do you're gonna start in a seated position with your hands on the kettle with your hands on the dumbbells and you need to accumulate two minutes of an L sit in your five minutes so from here Vitor you're going to press up and just hold with your feet and your butt off the ground for as long as you can on a running clock if this is too difficult you can do hollow hold so from here just press up so that the only thing touching is your low back legs are up shoulders are up staying tighten a hollow position and again if that one's too difficult you can accumulate time in just your traditional plank cool beat are you ready all right same reps game 15 swings and 10 burpees so you got 15 seconds left are you ready I am alright so remember as you're doing these kettlebell swings make sure you're using an appropriate weight that allows you to keep moving through all the repetitions vitor 3 2 1 go – good so a little less bend in your knee Vitor just swing just hinge it those hips there you go keep the back straight excellent and relax your arms nice keep going keep going good 8 nice 9 keep driving you wanna think about pushing your heels down into the floor good excellent sit back into those hips good last few good last one and good place the kettlebell down let's get in start those burpees my man straight down to the deck touch your chest and your thighs to the floor and then make sure you jump all the way into the Burpee we want to try to avoid jumping into those toes there you go Vitor come on three move a little faster move a little faster four we got to earn that rest at the end come on alright Vitor come on these are the last five reps keep going I've only got about a little less than a minute left and before we begin those elseís there you go come on last one last one and breathe good alright so as you catch your breath we're gonna set this up remember the next part folks is we're gonna do that else it if the else it is too difficult you can go into that holla hold and again if that Hollow hold is too difficult you can go into that plank alright so the idea here is he has five minutes to accumulate only two minutes so even if you break it up as you go that's it so if you do five seconds at a time and come down just make sure you're either spotting a clock or you have a separate stopwatch all right coming up on it three two and one excellent so the idea here right the only thing I'm looking for is that your heels stay off the ground your butt stays off the ground you don't even need to keep those knees straight so if you want you can bend those knees Vitor it helps focus on pulling those abs in a little bit tighter I'll ride Vitor keep going come on you only got a little bit left next to come on come on we only got 10 seconds left you ready keep him up nine eight seven six five four keep it tight – one time brought a good job yes excellent job so that was the end of our metabolic conditioning set next we're going to move forwards into our cooldown and the cooldown is going to be mostly passive stretches and passive movements to allow the muscles to lengthen and relax unlike what we did when we first started which was active movements to get the body ready now we cool down and let the body relax great job you guys thanks so much for this I don't expect a lot of us to be going vertical anytime soon but I think you'll start feeling the benefits of this workout almost right away the body can do pretty extraordinary things all we have to do is work for it and search artists and coaches are here to show you how in our other videos so don't forget to get active with Cirque du Soleil in our next episode