I’m paid fair here and I’ve got a awesome awesome exercise for you work out for you or exercise to add to
your workout these are going to you you too late raise on a bench venture I’m fun you’re going to
Aditi wat to end the and same thing goes with
the other exercises do you do if your core you want to keep it talked sugar
stomachs sought to end the entire time helping
gauge your that DOMA muscles as well and as when you rotate your legs of you want you rotate your helpless off
the bench on Aug get this job you get to see this for you want to make sure to rotate off
the bench because that is actually being a jerk or
their first I’m seventy eighty percent of the movement
from your legs coming off the bench like this is actually be mainly your help lectures com with little bit having gays Minogue
your lower abdominal region hope you are enjoy I’m my soul I’ve got a no- away here the job
done gravity 3 your it you know that he might I’m still mad help you make their homes our the group you doubt everything track users don’t look so good you’re
okay my common you boys coming off the bench
your the up okay awesome rescinded then doesn’t look good for bored no slowly yeah rotate of time good the so the it you can see the entire motion I tighter range of
motion you go through on this is going to be nice and slow and controlled throughout the whole thing if you have
any questions please leave them below in the comments share the wealth and show the video
somebody else who care about and subscribe the British I’m