Tell me about your job? I’m a housing officer initially I really liked my job I liked helping people and knowing what I’d achieved at the end of the day. Did you feel pressured? There was always a lot of pressure with the job some of the customers could be very emotional well, you would be too if you’d been living for a year in B&B accommodation with your kids But we helped each other out and I kind of liked being busy getting things done When did the pressure start to become excessive? There wasn’t just one day, it was a gradual process I think in hindsight there were probably three big things that effected me of the course of about six months A number of colleges who had a lot of experience left and a new manager was drafted in from another department He was very nice he just didn’t know very much about housing He changed the way we do things which made our lives more difficult We were no longer aloud to make dissuasions based on the way we thought we should do our jobs All these protocols just made it harder to deal with people, not easier. On top of all this my relationship at home was going through a rocky patch I was trying to help out my colleagues all the time I was trying to get through more customers and my manager didn’t know how to help me When did you realise you were stressed? I don’t think I ever really realised what actually being stressed meant I know that I was I know now that I was exhibiting you know classic symptoms I couldn’t stop thinking about work I was feeling guilty about the customers I couldn’t help On top of this my physical health started to suffer I wasn’t sleeping at night I was drinking in the evening to try and help myself sleep In the passed I used to get into work early to get a head start but I went through a phase were I just couldn’t get into work on time I know now that I was just desperate to stay out of the office because when I was there I was so miserable.