You’re still doing yoga? I am. I’m doing yoga. I’m not– you’re
pretty regular with it. No. I’m not as regular
as I used to be. But you used to be
really, really good. There’s a video of you. Well, this is why I ask. Because this is on a boat. And I guess your wife took
this video of finding you here. [LAUGHS] Yeah. How long do you stay like that? I don’t know how that came
into the public domain. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Talk to the wifey
about that one. That’s not hardcore yoga there. I’m just relaxing. No. I was just asking. How long can you stay
upside down like that? Three days. [LAUGHTER] OK. No. A few minutes. Yeah. It needs to be secure,
because you could just fall. That’s true. [LAUGHTER] You want a secure yoga swing. Yeah. You do. I’m going to find out how
you attach it to things. You’re like, my lower
body’s feeling better. But now, my neck’s broken. Yeah. That’s no way to go. Exactly. [LAUGHS] Fix one thing. So there’s pictures of
you– how old are you? I’m 57. God. 57. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERS] Now, why is that
something to applaud? [LAUGHTER] They were applauding
Bulldogs earlier. They just like to applaud. This is a frisky, little group. [LAUGHTER] They’re applauding because
you’re in amazing shape. You’re 57. Look at this pose in
a dangerous situation. Why would you do that? Just for the picture. [LAUGHTER] That was also a part
of our friendship tour. Right. It just went to a lot of places. That’s in Greece. God. That’s really dangerous. OK. And then– are you
jumping off the– now, the pool is
somewhere below you. But how far below is the
pool when you’re jumping off? That’s at your house. Yeah. That’s– it’s two stories. Yeah. But that’s the
point– you’re 57. You shouldn’t be doing things– you should, because
you’re in good shape. That’s why we’re applauding. Because no 57-year-old
in their right mind– I realize I’m saying
that in the sentence– that should stay
out of the sentence. It kind of answered
the question. It really did. It did. It’s a deep pool, I assume, too? Yeah. It’s deep enough. You just kind of– you got to roll it
when you get there. You got to roll? You got to roll when
you get there, yeah. How often do you do that? Almost every day. Really? If I’m here. I mostly live in Maui, though. Yeah. Although, I’m pondering
moving to Texas because that’s where I’m from. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERS] All right! So some fellow Texans here. They know. You know what it is. It’s just something
different– something great. And where are you going
to– what part of Texas? Austin. Yeah. I like Austin. Austin’s great. Less applause. [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHS] Well, they got the state. But you expected they’re
going to be from Austin? I was going to go down to
the neighborhood and street. I was going to actually find
out where exactly you’re moving. That would have been impressive. Yeah. And then everybody starts–
and then there’s one guy left on that street that’s going to– [LAUGHS]