– Oh, wow, it looks like
a whole pile of mush. (upbeat music) My diet just consists of chicken, rice, vegetables, eggs and peanut butter. – During the week, I stick to a low sugar, low carb, high protein diet. On the weekends, I’m a little bit more lackadaisical with my diet. – My current diet is
a lot of meat protein. – I know nothing about Beyonce’s diet except that I think it’s vegan. – I’m worried this week
about not having meat protein while I’m still training. – I am a little bit nervous because I think vegan and vegetarian diets tend to be a bit higher in fats and carbs. – Of course I’m excited to try a diet. I bet there’s something magical in there. Anything to get me closer to Beyonce. (upbeat music) – We are the plant-based revolution. – French lentil stew. It’s completely brown. – Apricot cauliflower rice salad. Creamy eggplant lasagna. What happens if you don’t
like something in here? – Lunch day five. They’re like vacuum sealed. – It all seems very starch, carb heavy. I’ll just have to do a lot more cardio to make up for it this week. – Beyonce believes in it. I should at least give it a chance. (upbeat music) – Fairly filling but still pretty light. It doesn’t feel like I’m really
weighed down by the food. It definitely left me wanting
a little bit more though. I’m not gonna lie. – This one’s alright. I’m not a huge fan of curry flavors. We’re not off to a great start. It’s fine, I guess. – I just finished eating the first meal and it was actually pretty good. I thought it was gonna
be factory made feeling but it felt like it was cooked
fresh but then vacuum sealed. Really just wasn’t expecting
that kind of quality. (upbeat music) – That’s a really good point. Just finished my Beyonce meal. It was good. I ate the whole thing and
I feel pretty decently full but not too full so. (upbeat music) – It’s three o’clock and I’m starving. Three more hours to eat dinner. – These recipes are things that I kinda wish I knew how to make. The fancy vegan stuff. It’s cool to get to eat that every day. – This one’s the ratatouille. I’m enjoying this. (upbeat music) – It’s day four. It’s 12:30 in the morning and I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping. I don’t know if it’s because I’m hungry. – It’s really kinda convenient that I don’t have to think about what I’m gonna eat or prepare. (upbeat music) – I think I’m ready for it to be over so I can go back to my normal diet because I feel fine but I don’t feel good. – [Kelsey] I’m not gonna
lie, I’m really excited that tomorrow is the last day. – I gained a pound and I think it’s because
I’m not used to just eating a ton of carbs. – I’m not like super obsessed with meat so it was fine not having it. I struggled the most with being hungry. I think I’m used to eating more and I’m used to eating more often. – What was so nice was coming
home and having a meal done. I would just pull it out
and I knew it was healthy. I knew all of the ingredients. – I couldn’t do this forever. I’m tired and I’m hungry. That’s not a great feeling. – Not necessarily a diet for me but I definitely think it’s
a diet for other people. I think it was really healthy. It tasted pretty good. Honestly, I wasn’t ready for the jelly but I do feel a little
bit more bootylicious. I feel like everyone’s
gonna hate me for that one.