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hands-free microphone for creating fitness content? Well, we’re here at CES at the Shure booth checking out this microphone, coming up. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] This video is brought to you by TubeInfluence.com, a one-hour online masterclass on how to grow a highly influential and profitable YouTube channel this year. On this free training, you’ll learn the proven strategies and current best practices for growing your subscribers and creating passive income with YouTube. To register for free, just
go to TubeInfluence.com. – Hey, what’s up? Sean here with Think Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. And we’re here at CES,
looking for the best tools for creators so that you
can tell your story better. And we’re actually checking
out a super-cool microphone from Shure, that is for
fitness content creators, and as you know, on YouTube,
fitness content, yoga channels, active channels like
that are growing faster than ever before, and
this is definitely a way to level up your production value and the ability to communicate while doing intense workouts
and things like that. So this entire system is called
the GLXD14 wireless system, and you get the pack with that
as well as the transmitter and the receiver, and then you also have the headset as well. That’s the SM31FH, and
it all works together, and it’s super plug-and-play. So what you can do, is you
could use this over a PA as someone would do down at the gym, but for content creators,
on the back here, you’ve got an XLR out as
well as a quarter-inch out, so you could easily get
that plugged into a DSLR, a camcorder, even your
smartphone, to be able to do that headset audio to be communicating
whatever you wanna do as you’re creating content. Additionally, you can
actually just take the battery out of the transmitter, plug
it right into the receiver here to charge it up. It’s also digital, and
so that’s what you want when you’re looking for microphones. Analog was the old-school,
recently T-Mobile bought up some of the frequencies,
it’s just a big hassle. So if you’re getting wireless audio, always be looking for digital. So this is a digital setup. It’ll easily find your channel for you. The bottom line is you can just plug it in and start recording content. And so as far as the investment goes, the transmitter and then
the receiver comes in at $449 here in the U.S., and then the headset is another $99. So for 550, you’ve got the
complete wireless audio headset ready to go for creating
all kinds of active content. So a big investment, but a good investment if you really wanna level
up your production value. Remember, one of the most important aspects of video is audio, and so always be looking
for ways to level up not just your video quality
but also your audio quality. And if you want, check out
links to these products in the description below. They’ve been out for a little while now. So if you want to research current pricing plus different websites or whatnot, we’ll post all of the details
in the YouTube description. Question of the Day. Have you been creating kind
of fitness and active content, and if so, what kind of audio
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