Welcome back to Foundation Physical Therapy’s
YouTube channel. Today we’re going to be going over some serratus anterior strengthening.
The serratus anterior is a kind of fan shaped muscle that goes from underneath the shoulder
blade and attaches to your rib cage. Its purpose is to stabilize the shoulder blade when you’re
starting to do things away from your body and overhead activities. We see a lot of people
that have a weak serratus anterior and that is one of the main causes of their shoulder
problems. So if you jump out ahead of it and strengthen it ahead of time you’ll save
yourself some grief. So for starters what we’re going to do today is we’re going
to do a strengthening activity on your back. It helps to have a four foot little band and
it doesn’t have to be very resistant. Then what you do is take some light weights, these
are four pounders. So what we’re doing here is lay on your back first start by putting
your arms straight up in the air. Then what I do is I apply some gently pressure against
this band. Or outwards against the band such that my arms are just slightly wider than
my shoulders and then I maintain that. Then what I do is I punch up towards the sky and
I’m trying to make my arms as long as possible. Everything else is staying flat except my
shoulder blades are reaching up and then I come down, bringing my shoulder blades towards
the table then again I punch the shoulder blades up as high as I can then I come down.
So this is a very easy way to start to target your serratus anterior and help your shoulder
in the long run.