Will robots take over our jobs in healthcare? This is Bertalan Mesko and you are watching the channel of The Medical Futurist. Recently
I gave a talk to medical students about how robots can shape the future of healthcare.
And there was a student, who as it turned out, graduated from the school of economics
before, and at the age of 30, he decided to become a doctor. So he asked me this question
whether robots can take over jobs in healthcare. And that is a really complicated question.
In my life I’ve had experience with different kind of robots. I could hold a therapeutic
robot called Paro, in my hands. It was quite cute and it felt like it could serve like
a companion for elderly people, just like it was designed for that. I saw how the Xenex
robot can disinfect a room in 10 minutes with UV light, I saw the TUG robot in san Francisco
which can move around in the clinic transporting all the jacks and drugs without human supervision.
Vinod Khosla the Silicon Valley investor said, that 80% of doctors could be replaced by algorithms
and robots, and eventually we will not need any doctors in the future. Well I disagree
with him. I think that student meant automation and not just robots and by automation I mean
he meant robots and algorithms. I’m pretty sure that algorithms like supercomputers could
organize the life of a hospital more efficiently than what the best hospital manager can do
today. I think we need to use robots in emergency to make sure we don’t risk more human lives.
So yes, automation can replace different kinds of jobs in healthcare but I think we need
them to make healthcare affordable plus to save more and more human lives. Automation
is crucial, if you can get replaced by an automated robot or an algorithm, that were
both programmed to do what they do, than you deserve it. Our job now is to improve the
skills that make us human. Skills such as creativity or problem-solving that no robot
can replace, at least yet. I think by upgrading our health and improving these skills, we
can find those jobs no robot and no automation will be able to replace. Please feel free
to read more about how robots will shape the future of healthcare and what we can do to
keep our jobs in that in my new book, My Health: Upgraded. Thank you!