The reason we tell people that they really should have a primary care physician is someone that’s in their corner that knows their history, knows what they’ve been through and kind of has a long-term view of what’s been going on with you. And that person really becomes your advocate when it comes to healthcare. Which is a really scary, complicated situation many times during illness. And it’s really important to have that person who knows you, knows your conditions and what’s going on. A great role that a primary care doc has is to help you be healthy. And… I think health sometimes gets related to or some people think being healthy means not being sick. Which isn’t quite there. There’s alot of information going around in the world today too and I think our job is to help you kind of decide is that or isn’t that right for you. One of the great things about Signature Healthcare is the convenience. So, what I love for my patients is that they can see me in the office and right down the hall is a lab and imaging. We also, because of that get labs within hours A lot of patients I’m calling They’re in the car and I’m calling with their X-ray results. It’s that fast. Which is for convenience-sake, life is fast now… We want immediate gratification, everything is on our phones. You get that immediate gratifications with Signature Healthcare. Signature Healthcare has a very comprehensive primary care program and I, have as a physician, I have the best support. Patients can reach the office very easy, if they need to be seen we try to see them the same day. We also have urgent care where they can come in on the weekends. If they have any urgent needs or medical care. It’s a very well-rounded primary care program. Signature Healthcare is a great choice for patients, because we offer multiple sites with a varying degree of situations for primary care. So we have over 60 primary care doctors who are based in sometimes single office practices. Some are in multi-physician practices. We have nurse practitioners, we have physician assistants. But we have a varied network of offices that are available for primary care. That can take care of the entire family including pediatrics as well as adult patients. Another great thing about Signature is its investment in the community. Kim Hollon, our CEO is very interested in wellness and prevention and helping the Brockton community. So there’s all sorts of resources that we can help you out with that our social worker can connect you with because we are so invested in this community the best it can be.