hey guys long time very long time no fitness update I guess it’s been over at least six months now it’s not what is that noise I hope that was a hummingbird and not a bee it is a hummingbird okay we’re safe so I think it’s been over six months since I’ve done a fitness update but I’ve been working my ass off that entire time the problem was I actually got Baker like I got chubbier I gained weight and I couldn’t understand what was going on because I was working my butt off at the gym at least three times a week I had cut out crap food from my diet so I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong and I didn’t want to make an update and tell you guys like yeah I’ve been working my ass off but I’ve actually gained weight and it’s going in the opposite direction that I wanted to go so I kind of just like stuck it out in hopes that I would eventually get back on track and start losing fat again and start gaining muscle and it happened but it took a very long time I would say let’s see yeah I moved to Korea in the end of February I joined the gym in April I believe and I think I was still gaining weight until June and then I in June I finally started to notice that I was looking smaller and leaner I don’t know what happened you guys honestly I’ve been doing very well with my diet and very well with my exercise the entire time so my only guess is that it took some time for my body to build up the muscle and then eventually that muscle helped burn more fat and more calories and that’s what helps let me down eventually I don’t know but I’m just here to tell you that if you start out a diet and exercise program and you don’t see results within the first three months just keep it up because I’m really glad that I did I was honestly very sad I was very very upset because I was trying my hardest and I was seeing results that were the opposite of what I wanted but I stuck with it and I’m very happy with how I look recently I’m definitely getting closer to my goal of how fit I want to be it’s excited about it so I’m gonna explain to you guys what I’ve been doing diet and exercise wise diet wise I actually did a one month no sugar cleanse I was still eating natural sugars like fruit sugars but I cut out all processed sugars and just like additional sugar like I wouldn’t put sweeteners on things or like in my tea or my my cereal or anything I wouldn’t eat things that had lots of sugar in them either like breakfast cereals or anything so for an entire month I did that and that was great you guys it’s for the first couple I’d say maybe the first week it was hard it’s very hard to cut out sugar when you’re someone like me who absolutely loves sweets loves desserts I could live off of sweets only that at least I used to be able to I love them that much but after cutting them out for a week I stopped craving them like entirely and I felt amazing I had more energy I just felt better about myself because I wasn’t putting all that crap into my body all that unnecessary sweet food that I used to eat all the time and after the month was up I honestly do not crave sweets anywhere you guys it’s the weirdest feeling ever I’m back in Canada right now and my mom bought this awesome cashew ice cream for me like dairy free ice cream and I usually love this stuff which is like sure I got your favorite cashew ice cream it’s in the freezer and there’s like two pints of this awesome cashew chocolate ice cream in the freezer but I’m not even interested in it it’s so weird it’s weird but it’s amazing so if you’re someone like me who really struggles with constant sugar cravings please give the one-month sugar free diet a try and I think you will really really really have great results from it some people cut out all sugars they don’t eat fruit but I ate fruit and I was perfectly fine free is great for you it’s got fiber it’s got vitamins I don’t see any problem eating fruit and totally got rid of my sugar cravings even when I did that so that was step number one a step number two to eat less fried foods I stopped eating things with so much oil I wouldn’t eat like deep fried tofu or french fries or things like that I would try and switch them up for healthier versions like pan fried tofu with just some of that Bragg’s not soy sauce the soy sauce alternative tastes way better this one right here Bragg’s Liquid aminos really recommend this tastes really good and I think it’s healthier for you in soy sauce I got an airfryer from my friend Megan for my birthday so I’ve been making french fries in that I’ve been putting like sweet potatoes in it all things you would normally fry I put them in an air fryer with zero oil and they’re just as amazing so air fryer is also a really good investment I’ve tried to cut down my portions a little bit I really like food so I don’t really hold myself back when I want to eat something I eat it but I have tried to cut down my portion size a little bit and now I think I my body’s gotten used to it so I don’t need to eat as much anymore and I don’t crave to eat as much anymore and that’s a really nice feeling so I feel like I’m doing really good with my diet I don’t really overthink it I just now the point I’m at now I just eat what I want to eat and I’m okay because I don’t have cravings for lots of like oily or sweet food or anything all right let me explain to you guys what I’ve been doing in the gym so my best friend Greg and I go to the gym in Korea three times a week Monday Wednesday Friday religiously we’re obsessed with it both of us feel like very frustrated if we miss a day of gym it’s become like a hobby I love it I really really love it and I didn’t think I would ever say that because every time I tried to work out or like started a workout regimen I’d enjoy it for the first couple times but I just wouldn’t stick with it and I think it’s one it’s really helped how thing my good friend with me it’s been amazing to have somebody with you like pushing you we motivate each other so that’s really great and too now that I’ve started to see results from it it’s so motivating so stick with something until you start to see results because that will keep you going it’s really really a big motivator and three it just makes me feel good I think it’s an endorphin thing I just love exercising now I love sweating I love the treadmill it sounds so weird to say that but using the treadmill is like my favorite part of the day I look forward to it every time I go to the gym we will stretch for probably about 10 to 15 minutes just stretch out our entire bodies and then I’ll do weight training either upper or lower I switch it so if we do upper on Monday I’ll do lower Wednesday upper Friday lower Monday like that they’ve got all these different weight machines at my gym it’s really great I am all I try to get all my different like our muscle shoulder muscles back I also do crunches and like opposite crunches I don’t know the name of anything you guys but I just try to work out as many different muscles as possible and same for my legs I really bad knees so that kind of limits the amount of lower body exercises that I can do but I really have been enjoying the ones where I like push the weights up like this and it works your glutes and like your thighs and that’s really the area that I want to work on toning up the most so I focus on those kind of machines a lot so we’ll do weight training for probably about I want to say like 30 to probably 30 minutes 30 to 40 minutes depending on what I’m working that day and then I’ll go over to the treadmill and do 40 minutes to an hour of quick walking I guess you would call it I don’t jog cuz it hurts my knees after a while and so I do really fast walking I get a good sweat going and I get my heart rate up so I’m burning fat and I really enjoy it I listen to music I bring my phone with me and I listened to songs I’ve got a playlist and that kind of motivates me to get through the entire 40 minutes to an hour however long I’m using the treadmill for that day because I want to hear all the songs that is my gym routine it’s quite simple stretching weight training treadmill and I finally started to see results from it and I’m super happy I also got a Fitbit because this has been great to check my heart rate how many steps I’m walking in a day my favorite part is actually how it tracks my sleep I didn’t realize how little I slept to actually it can tell you how many times you’ve woken up in the night and like if you were Restless in the night it cuts that time out of your sleep time so you see how much time you were actually asleep and it’s probably a lot less than you think last night I went to bed at midnight and I got up at 7 but apparently according to the Fitbit I was restless for 40 minutes of the night so I really only got about 6 hours 20 minutes sleep so this has been really cool for trying to plan to sleep a little more I’m very bad at it I find it really hard to sleep once I wake up so if I wake up once I am I’m awake for the rest of the day I’ve just got so much running through my head that I can’t get back to sleep but it has kind of shown me that I need to work on my sleep so that might be my next step in my my health journey let me show you some body shots so you guys can see how I look now hopefully you also see a difference because I really feel a lot better about myself I feel like I’ve lost some fat and I’ve toned some muscle and I’m starting to feel a lot more confident I’ve noticed it the most in my upper body and my stomach my legs and my butt are taking a little longer to slim down but that might be because I’ve been focusing on like growing those muscles as well oh my god of this big size like I want them to be tighter and slimmer but I also want like more muscle there I guess I just want to be more toned I don’t know I just want I want a nice butt and nice thighs I follow all these exercise like gym routine accounts on Instagram I’ve got all these like body goals that I’m working towards I’m probably not gonna get there because everyone’s body is different but I’ve kind of got an idea of what I want I also find that that helps motivate me as well I guess that’s it I hope you enjoyed this fitness update I’m really sorry that it took so long I just really didn’t want to make a video and tell you that I had gained weight and I yeah but I just gonna do it I just felt really bad about myself but I’m very happy that I’m seeing results now so my advice if you come across that issue in your own health journey just stick with it because I think you will finally start to see results like I did even if it takes like three months so hang in there thanks for watching guys if you enjoy these Fitness updates please give this video a like to let me know and I will see you soon [Music]