All right this is John Kohler from
Today I have another exiting episode for you. Im coming at you from the pure living expo
here in Sedona, Arizona and I’ve a very special guest on my show today. One that I
never had before. He is a really hard guy to track down and he was in Costa Rica and
travels all over, does different retreats and consulted many different health events
and does phone consult. But I’m glad he is here that I get interviewing him because
I truly look up to this man. I mean this is Viktoras Kulvinskas and all you old timers
might know he wrote a really popular book “Life in the 21st century” way back in
the day. And now he has a new book that he came up with and its actually titled “Our
Elders Speak” so I really wanna talk to him about this book and how it can help you
in your diet whatever kind of diet you are living on specially you are on a any kind
of raw foods diet. But before we get into that I wanna assure
with you guys that Viktoras is being doing “raw living biogenic diet” now for last
50 years and he has a lot of experience in this and he’s seen people doing this come
and go.And before we get into talking about the book today, we wanna talk about another
very important subject because he is being doing it for so long, he is getting up there
an age and are gonna jump right into it, Viktoras, what is sex after 80 gonna be like or you
think it’s gonna be like? Well, it has been good up to now and as they
say, “Life gets better after 80”. So, I’m looking forward to that period. On Valentine’s
Day, just to test my own agility, I ended up doing 400 push-ups instead of 50 and that
turned out to be ok. No sour muscles or anything. This is something that, as we grow older we
gotta exercise more and that empcluse exercising all of our body parts.
Awesome.. So I mean the thing is really funny but also important to ask you is why are teenagers
now using Viagra’s? It’s like number one party drug.
You are so right on!! Are you a teenager? No no no… I don’t need any of that stuff
or raw foods may be. That’s the problem. I mean, look at the
Stallions,I mean I know all that raw food dieting, all those oats and greens and grasses.
What’s happing to them? Supper studs. And what we have right now 60% of the couples
are reproductive or sterile. The life expectancy of our children is that of seniors of many
generations ago in other words they are expiring early. Our parents are gonna out lives the
children. You have either to get some life into your body or you will be dead meat. Remember,
that diet, is a prophecy in itself. Spell it, D I E. That’s what about your diet.
No, you gotta be into a lifestyles and lifestyles means, eating, living foods, exercising, singing,
getting enough rest, meditating. Connecting with the Creator, creating the beautiful abounds,
we have the joy in life. At the same time, stay out of the unsanitary environments. So,
yes, it’s in the lifestyles. Matter of fact, it’s becoming the rage in the field of medicine.
Do you realize? Apple which is like the biggest biggest corporation in the world, It has wildness
department can you imagine that? They do say, “Apple a day keeps the doctor
away .They got to keep up with their reputation with the Apple” So they have a wildness
program and primarily, they have a professor from Stanford University. They had a lecture
given, “Have you taken your meds today??” Now, it’s the new our recommended daily
activity, “What are the meds of the new age?”. Meditation, exercise, diet, sleep,
sex and sensuality that SSS for that. That’s the future. Do you wanna be alive? Get into
life. It dead, it become dead very early. So we got to get the young into more living
and more and more I do… You think that deer drinking and eating those big sandwiches and
getting stoned is the way to go? There is a whole group called yes, international, youth
for environmental sanity. Are you saying?? They are into, veganism, meditational environment
awareness. Because, we are in a sinking ship unless we get you guys to get engaged. Get
up your…butts, and start navigating this planet earth ship into aliveness I mean start
planning gardens in your backyard. Even if in its pot, it’s ok!
Yeah, especially if you eat it raw. Totally. Or juice it.
Yeah but … So many different ways to get high. You got
a choice between Alcohols like marijuana, cocaine. God… nasty staff. Or alkalize,
alcholoids temporarily give you sense of alkalinity and you feel viral. But it brings its cousins,
like coffee is a good popular at Starbucks happy hour riding by the Nobel of my life.
My news place popping up and creating all kind of wonderful music. Nah… That’s after
2 hours, you are into your old self unless you go to Starbucks and drop another 5 bucks.
Well with that 5 you can go over somewhere else and get alkalize, get a green juice and
get high, drink some weak grass get high. That’s maintainable. You can be stoned high
all-day long. Riding songs, downloading the cosmic, divine creator and sharing it. Life
will become totally newbie and you will become the real you. Because unless you are you,
you are just be ass instead of be you. Let’s get on with life. How is that? Ride on.
Yeah.. That’s pretty ride on it. I mean I’m in a video where actually i got high
on raw canvas and you have to watch the video I put a link down below. I got high on Raw
Canavas for 10 hours. Like really high. So I recommend you guys, DON”T DO THAT! Because
actually what are the things I’ve learned is that I really did not leek being high from
raw canavas if made in a certain way all raw, and so I am high on life . You know on an
Alcholine rich diet naturally when I get high with this natural THC compounds. I really
didn’t like it. I want it to be over that I can get back my normal natural highness
24hrs. a day, 7 days a week with boundless energy.
And it’s only good to experiment. They say what really is the way to go for the future.
They wanna be fully alive dancing, having a joyous occasion, dating the young beauties
who are 120 year old or going out with 34 year old it doesn’t matter. It’s ageless
society. My cousin, in her 70s dating 30 year old guy. It’s not because she goes out an
ass for day. They are hitting on her raw foods.The Same thing is for maleness. We have moved
out of that aging into a place where at 500 you can be just as young as you are 12.
Absolutely…. So Viktoras,you know I know you’ve seen a lot of changes over the years
in the raw foods moving. Whats being one of the biggest problems you have seen in the
raw food moving which causes people to fail? Well… Probably over eating, getting involved
with lot of the sweet food, and also just basically not addressing life from a holistic
point of view. So many raw food is lacking exercise, many raw food is not meditate, many
raw food is don’t detoxifying fast. So 5 years later go by and they are still at putting
toxic even though they are on live foods, you got to get those stuff out of your system
through fasting, through all kind of cleansing techniques. Then all of a sudden your iris
will change. I had a black iris, but right now it’s blue green. It has changed 50 years
ago it was black. Matter of fact, famous neurologist said in a lecture where I attended he add
me as a demo, he says here is the example of walking zombie. Says we had not got into
raw foods we would be definitely all dead. Well, many years later cleansing in the detoxification
all changed. My face still being cover with acne and pimple. Losing hair, going into grayness.
You know right now in my late 70s no pimples, no warts, no brown spot, aging spot, liver
spots none kind of that stuff. It’s all possible, you can cleanup your inner act and
outer act shows it and so I tell that I’ll dance like crazy tonight and hypocrisy do
90 minute marathons of disco. I am there from start to know, That was possible,
I couldn’t do that when I was you know much older biologically 50 years ago, now it’s
another ratio all together. Get charge an alcholinity , entomology, oxygenation that’s
where life process begins . So Viktoras, you talked about eating too many
sweet fruits. Now, are you saying sweet fruits are bad and we should never eat them or…
Oh no no… over eating of anything even salads will totally be distracted. The whole idea
is moderation and all your intakes. And so, a fruit salad of 2-3 cups at most. That’s
a great breakfast. Not every day but couple times a week or even more frequently unless
you are dealing with some incurable disease which is really curable and life green oriented
and there is no cure by the way. Only haps can be cured. No instead, what is happening
is that the body’s self-healing, self-regenerating, self-renew. It’s just like you get a cut,
it heals, your hair grows back, everything. Your nails grow back. the human body continuously
renewing itself and you might have a mess.. made a mess out of your life, which changed
the lifestyle habits and once again your body is forgiving, renewing you, regenerating you.
All you have to do is return to the source. Awesome… So what are thing you just talked
about was like eating a high green food, diet. So, what’s one really important reason why
simply you should agree because you see many people out there really concentrating on food
are not eating enough greens? Why should people out there watching this video that are not
eating enough green, just eating like head of remaining of a day, really expand out different
kind of sprouts, micro green, different varieties of chalet and chore, all the deeply in the
greens. Why are they so beneficial? Weak grass and all that stuff?
Well last year, that the Olympics they did an interview of competitors and they ask them,
what you have for breakfast? A green protein smoothie. All of them said that, what you
have for lunch? A huge green green salad and some protein. Evening, what are you eating
for evening meal? Huge green salad and some protein. One of The strongest man alive. You
can look him up. Google up Law Hercules. You know, raw vegant protein and greens complex
carbohydrates. Fruit is ok, but greens is where the power lies. This is where the friendly
bacteria co-exist within your body and they do all kind of beneficial things. They keep,
they tonify your brain, your gut brain becomes amplified so that you are functioning with
divine order. You are downloading the creation without effort. Life becomes a synchronicity
of positive events. That’s how beautiful life is intended to be. Whereas, you know
on a diet lot of food… just keep on eating more and more munchies, 125 bananas a day,
you are in state of ongoing east-feast thing. Your east are just dying having a bankrupt
inside of you and they are making tons of alcohol. So, without knowing it, you can be
quiet intoxicated. It’s poisonous that, price stop that produced in the GI Track,
So low bet, the east don’t get a chance to takeover. Your predominant theme should
be green. Complex carbohydrate green, soak season nuts. These are super power foods.
Alright Viktoras, let’s talk about the seeds in the nuts. Cause I know the lot of people
out might deal low fat, raw vegan diet. You know What percentage of overall calorie should
do you believe we should get from fat. But it’s not just nuts and seeds, it’s for
Mentadent, activating nuts and seeds. Which are actually different then this is standard
nuts and seeds right? Hmm totally. They are predigested and also
they are low in fat. Once you activate the hydrolytic enzyme in the seeds, they become
predigested by this enzyme, converting that 60-80% fat of your Macedonian nut worth 60%
in the walnut or in the sunflower seed and it’s converted us essential fatty acid which
are important to nerve and brain development and hormone development and this is as easily
assemble all of your system and you don’t have that bladed feeling that heart struggle
to digest all this grassy food and also many people are allergic to many of the nuts. Especially
peanuts allergic to wall…excuse me, to almond, many are allergic to cashew because of this
high complicated protein and fat structure. So, predigesting by either soaking or just
taking the nuts and seeds blend them to a cream with water and introduce some friendly
bacteria. And they will predigested for you instead of the enzymes in the seeds doing
the predigestion. So, you have also the new benefits of fermentation working on the nuts
and seeds instead of on the cabbages and sour crops in the cinchy.
Awesome…So what percentage of overall do you recommend or range of fat total in you
know healthy raw food plan based diet,live food?
Basically I don’t look at life. I look at the whole food and what is required to maintain
your body strength, vitality, nerve quality as well as mental clarity and in terms of
overall percentage I would say somewhere its about, somewhere around 10-15, 20% you should
be getting it from whole foods. You should not be using olive oil or coconut oil. If
you do, small amount especially the younger you are the more you can tolerate. But once
you get into more advanced age like 30, you wanna just kind of shy away in order to have
mental clarity. Because all this fats causes your red blood cells start clumping together
and delivering less oxygen to your brain to your whole extremity. So you don’t feel
as vital as you could be and they are difficult to digest. So it takes much longer to digest
fatty foods. So no oils, no nuts or seeds. Instead if you use nuts and seeds soak em
overnight. Then they become quality foods with low fat and protein.
So it should come out of food itself out of the […] out of the olives instead of having
olive oil, you have olives. Awesome you know I am agree with the whole
food message that’s very important even on a raw food diet. In the raw fast thing
is plenty of package, borrow the prepared food.You know I wanna you guys to eat from
the mother earth. Eat the foods of nature, fresh food, fresh vegetables, sprouts, nuts
and seeds that have been activated. The large division of medical community called
PCRM, The raw positions committee for response for medicine and basically they have taken
the part that there only is beaconism when while choosen is adequate nutritionally but
also anything country to beaconism country to good health and their overall promise is
“no oil, only whats you get I the food” and I think it’s a good one. now Viktoras I wanna get into this book that you are one of the four authors
in it actually just called the “feel better, feel younger. our elders speak, health and
living foods expert, health longevity happiness” “Discover the real key to vibrant health
and longevity and happiness” and this the panel discussion book so contain the Fred
Bisci, Brian Clement, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens and the Viktoras Kulvinskas. So ah collectively
all these authors have 200 years of experience in raw foods. So they have been doing it for
long time, they have seen people doing raw foods, come and go and they have..many of
them have clinical and personal experiences seen what happens when people eats,you know..different
styles of raw foods that’s you know lot home made foods, lot of this, lot of that.
And in this book, thers over 150 questions that they asked each of these individuals
and each of them give a different answers. Some of the answers will be similar and some
will be different. So you had a lot of questions about raw food that mean the answers probing
in this book lets just flip into one of these, the pages.
You can saw what we are doing is creating a living Wikipedia for the healing alerts
with this book. We will find our websites, our email and all these other qualities,
you can go and start linking up and we are gonna have chat rooms, we are gonna basically
doing everything possible to spread truth to all the world so that people can when they
want to have a cost-effective minimalistic self regenerating dietary approach that is
within everybody’s budget and accessibility and miracles can happen your life within the
context of diet and the holistic lifestyle because we’re very much into holistic lifestyle..
I completely agree and one of the things I want to let you guys know about is you know
in our society that this right and this is wrong and maybe your guru the person you listen
to the most that you may have learned about raw food from a do it this way to you call
them and they said that you’re drinking juices bad or this is bad or high flattery nothing
season found, so you didn’t do it. I want you guys to remain hoping and possible to
change your pros when you get new information and don’t always believe what the Gurus ever
even if it’s written in this book believe it but do your own research and you know that
the key to this book that theres four people that have been doing this for you know many
many many years and have seen people come and go and putting their expertise in this
book.So For example going to ask Viktoras question number 3 today because theres a 151
actually I’ve looked through this and there’s some really questions so question 3 to is
Viktoras it cannot be denied that high calorie high sugary fruit diet Is becoming very popular
worldwide and there are many cases of high food eater excelling in marathons bike races
and other unique competitions is this Fool’s Gold long term does this type of diet correlate
with a longer life then standard American diet.
I think it probably is going to be leading to longer quality of life than average American
diet because the average American diet is a sad diet and it shows that everybody is
in a state of inflammatory condition immune system is basically working 24/7 that just
to deal with the toxemia associated with dietary choices and all form and degenerative diseases
are developing within these individuals or where is an approved diet you don’t have you
got at least an enzymatic nutrition and basically something that is relatively easy to handle
if you have a lot of physical activity you might be able to burn off all this song but
there’s alternatives to all of this which is the alternative is eating food in a small
quantity and encouraging the proliferation of friendly bacteria vs East bacteria your
total health picture of longevity and quality life is totally determined by the microbial
colored receive calls cyst on the standard American diet their existing with the rotting
corpse culture. Basically parasites the maggots in also all the pathogenic microbes in viruses
are part of the animal protein diet and you can see what happens on that died you need
all kind of heavy usage of cell breath refreshers all kind of other conditions and a fecal matter
so bad that even if you compost nothing will grow on it that’s basically the nature of
the beast of that’s where son of fruit diet you basically encouraging the proliferation
of east that is to be making alcohol that vitalizes you over the long run here you’re
on a sugar rush during those athletic events in great you can do fantastic I have a whole
program for athletes, I work with Olympic athletes so many times over the last years
in my history and we had them on primarily the biggest contribute with enzymes, probiotics
and blue green algae in terms of taking an athlete who is average and terms of performance
and in taking converting them at the super athletes, where they compete in athletics
be coming in like Dan O’Brien as an example in the Atlanta Olympics from very debilitating
out for you could work out on the an hour within a matter of 2 months he was working
out 7 to 8 hours a day. just by the intake of these super foods that are foundational
and then we have also other star athletes who are raw foodist who are breaking in their
senior years breaking the records that they have set when they were in yes in college
when they went on scholarship of athletic performance. this is possible and what sprouts,
sea vegetables, fermented foods beside the super foods that require very little instead
of having yourself blowing up with you know a meal of 15 bananas. I can’t even imagine
eating 15 bananas without the thought I mean after the 2nd or 3rd this totally revolting
its gluttony and gluttony is not good weather it’s raw or cook. I totally agree I mean I want to increase
guys to seek balance reading a lot of fruit man I want to encourage you guys to balance
it out with greens you know I’m glad that this is my 20th year doing raw foods and I’m
seeing people and natural high green and with more green diets. And you know if you ask
me John what to do you do you know the high green diet and we’re done what guess what
I take the best of both worlds enough when I don’t want you guys to do for you and find
out if you want to do a 35% with more know you know if Viktoras Kulvinskas you know green,
your sprouted nuts and seeds, biogenic diet and 25% fruit or 75% 25% but experiment and
find out what’s the best for you because I don’t want you guys to get stuck in a box
because oh I am a food trainer and on a 80 to 10 cant do that other stuff. Do it all make your own rules. they are you got all the time in the world
I mean I’m life Food Program try whatever you can experiment and find what really works
out in the long run and you will find in the final evaluation that small meals, highly
concentrated foods, foods that is high and biogenic namely either sprouts and or baby
greens and or walls of Furman’s these are the foods that are giving you the highest
fertility, healthy mental clarity, agility maximum power in terms of overall performance
in these are the foods for longevity. I mean that’s absolutely true and wanna encourage
you guys to reach out and reach for more those foods, grown yourself you know for me your
own foods at home and more importantly you’re going to want to purchase this book that you
can get on the right track even if you read this book that anything in there something
in there might just you know change a little bit change your course and you know you there
find a wide from san Francisco and they just change by when they take off changes and get
off course, they get end up you know in the other side of the world. Of course you don’t
want you guys to get of course I the raw foods diet right. But just a.. you know following
people teacher on youtube. know we should really be listening at least taking part of
their suggestions into are you are being and utilizing some of the knowledge and information
from our elders that have written this book that are still alive today that haven’t gone
the way of the dinosaurs like many others doing different kind of diets that are not
linked to synced with longevity so to order this book and learn more you want to check
out very important I haven’t encourage you guys to go to that website right
now by this book read it and start implementing something. You wont like converting diet to
this. you know Green diet overnight but just make moves in the right..
it an attitude modification… in yeah and your body start to going through
and you’re feeling better because of implementing the techniques and ideas sharing this book.
I guarantee it. And no matter what kind of diet orientation
yes take time off to meditate takes time out to exercise and not every couple days exercise
everyday for 1 to even 3 hours as time makes itselfs available, get to spend time also
in the Sun and also just be experiencing grateful come from contribution final reason for living
that usually means extending yourself be on your own limited scope and being of service
to others taking them to the next level as me are never alone where social beings and
remember our greatest socializer are are probiotics they’re having a party inside of your body
right now Ortiz galore there reproducing there just laughing and giggling as their munching
away on sprout raw fiber. Awesome Viktoras so Viktoras I know you do
consultation so you want to get ahold of your person that you draw from your over 50 years
of knowledge living this style a lifestyle you also to do retreat and spread all over
the world couldn’t get ahold of you to do all this stuff.
for the kids go to are and you’ll find
that the what kind of services are available and also my retreat are in costa rica as well
as also in West Palm Beach to be do the health educator training program where individuals
become versed in the lifestyles of this biogenic lifestyle nutritional orientation and end
up going out helping other people. That’s amazing yeah I mean that’s one of
my purposes in life,it keeps me alive,it keeps going every day by being able to grow my own
food eat this healthy diet and share with you guys. This is when I left I almost lost
my life as did Viktoras when he was younger he has enough health challenges extreme I
didn’t find have anything. You know his as Viktoras but it also turn my life and I’m
glad and I am happy one of my goals and purposes in life is to share this with other. I’m
glad that you have taken your time today to watch this video and I wanna encourage you
to take the next step and once again reach out and get that book, It can change your
life. I’ll be reading this and implementing things that I find didn’t know even after
20 years because you know I want you guys to be an empty tea pot, don’t think you know
it all because nobody can know it all even after 20 years even after 50 year line I don’t
know it all and you can learn morning must be open and it starts by getting a book reading
it and see what makes sense you and implement small changes you and in the end you will
be healthy because of it and in the end you know I will have done my part to.. so that
the world can be a healthier place one person at a time just by making a simple video. So
Viktoras are there any last words to my viewer out there that you want to share with them.
last week I was someone saw my friend who I’ve known for years haven’t seen him for
quite a while they were macrobiotic one of the woman there was 15 years macrobiotic she
claims not only cure is an incurable cancer herself but also she helped another thousand
people and I blessed year for it I try to explain my position and close mine however
she appreciated me and loved the way I handled her now without the knowledge that she had
about holistic living and the way the human body works macrobiotics can be helpful it
has a removed the causes of many things yet she is suffering with severe itching the shingles
all over body yet in the medical community they treating successfully 100% success with
what enzyme saturation and you know and this is something that you find success incurring
or cancer she is a lie when the doctor said she should be dead yet she’s doing great there’s
people who might have rescued their life on a fruitarian diet and now they’re doing a
life but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only direction to go, be open to the wider scope
and see how it aligns with your long term goals and is it gonna be something that is
gonna be sustainable. Awesome Viktoras, yeah so I mean hope you
guys enjoy this episode if you did enjoy give me a thumbs up. But try to have Viktoras on
in the future. also be sure to check my past episodes I’ve over 450 episodes on this
channel to teach you guys about my healthy lifestyle and also be sure to check out my
other channel that’s very important where I have over a 1050 videos, you guys
grow your own food at home and also.. He is my favorite of all the interviews I
have ever done. I mean this guy rocks not only energetically drama and information and
having an open mind that I remember if the mind isn’t has a parachute if you don’t keep
it open guess what you’re going to crush so open up your mind so you can fly to your destination.
Awesome Viktoras.. so once again this is john chloe with We’ll see you next
time. Its all ok
Until then keep your fresh foods and vegetables sprouted, nuts and seeds and sprout fruits
as well.