Hi guys, my name is Zena. I’m the Senior Content Manager here at HUM. And I’m Sarah, the Director of Education. And today we are talking Whole30. Yes, we are. Actually, I’m trying Whole30. I’m terrified. Whole30 is essentailly, if you’re unfamiliar
with it, an elimination diet – or an anti-inflammatory diet. What you’re going to be doing is eliminating
sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, and alcohol. So many things. And essentially anything if you read and it’s
a long list of ingredients, basically anything processed. So the idea of Whole30 is that it’s a 30 day
challenge of whole foods. So we’ll check in with Zena throughout the
next 30 days and see how she’s doing… for better or for worse. So scared. Alright so what we did to start and to kick
this off was we took some body parameter measurements just to be able to see what changes are going
to happen over the next thirty days. Because while you’re doing Whole30 it’s recommended
to not weigh yourself, to not think about your body, just do it in the beginning and
then at the end. So that’s what we did. We took some measurements and we’re going
to see if any of that changes over the next thirty days. Do you notice any issues with your energy
levels or digestions or anything? Yeah, I feel like I definitely get moody and
cranky. I’m sure that could be sugar crashes. As far as my skin goes, I keep having weird
breakouts that are just under the surface and I can’t get rid of it or figure out where
it’s coming from. And then I feel like sleep can always be improved. Cool, so those will be really good parameters
to be able to track and see how you are at the end of this. Yes. Okay, Whole30 challenge, I’m ready for it. Here we go. Wish me luck. Good luck, Zena! Yay! So it is Day 4 of Whole30. I still really miss sweet chocolatey things. So I found this Eating Evolved chocolate. There’s no added sugar. There’s no dairy in it. It’s just pure dark chocolate. And it’s super bitter. It’s so gross. I am one week into Whole30. It’s actually going pretty well. I thought this was going to be really, really
hard but once I kind of just hard lined the things I couldn’t have, I just started focusing
on the things I could have and now I feel like I’m very used to that. Not having sugar I thought was going to be
really, really difficult. But having fruit instead, is actually pretty
satisfying once you get over it. I did discover freeze-dried fruit which I
kind of feel like is cheating because it’s so sweet and delicious that it tastes like
candy. I was also really nervous about not being
able to drink. You think that drinking really isn’t a huge
deal in your life but most social settings as a young adult in a big city revolve around
bars and drinking. But it really hasn’t been that bad. I went out to a karaoke bar on Sunday with
my friends and I still sang a song. So guys, you can karaoke without drinking. Who knew? I will say for all the things I’m not eating,
I thought I was going to have drastic changes in how I feel and I was going to be on top
of the world with energy and glowing from the inside… I don’t think that’s the case yet. My skin is one of the concerns I was hoping
to see better… So that’s my update for now. We’ll see what happens in the following weeks. Hopefully some big changes to all make this
worth it? Stay tuned! In case you’re wondering how hard it is to
order takeout on Whole30. It’s really freaking hard! I thought I was being really smart and was
like “Oh, I can get a poké bowl with greens instead of rice and it will be no problem. And then I got to the sauces and I was like
“Ooooh. A lot of these probably have sweetener.” So I had to call and check. But then I forgot soy is not allowed! So that means soy sauce is not allowed. And all of the sauces had either soy or sweetener. Not a huge deal! I’ll order from somewhere else. I can get a salad with steak or some other
protein but just a good reminder of how hard it is to eat out. So it’s funny. We did this check-in last week and I was feeling
like “I’m a recovered sugar addict. I did it! I don’t need sugar ever again.” And then I went grocery shopping at Trader
Joe’s. I bought a bag of dried mango and ate the
whole bag in one sitting, which I then read has 90 grams of sugar in the bag which is
way more sugar than anyone needs in a single sitting – I don’t care what it’s made of. So I’ve decided to try and avoid the dried
fruit because part of Whole30 is about being aware the things that you eat and why you
eat them and I think I do turn to sugar as a snacky bored thing instead of sitting down
and having a satisfying meal. I’ve still maintained a pretty good social
life, which again, is something I was really worried about. It’s been great. I go out to bars and just order a hot tea
like a ninety year old woman and I kind of love it. I checked my bank account this week and it
was exactly where I left it, which is not usually the case after a weekend. You know, you spend $15 on a drink at a bar
and you don’t think anything of it but when you cut that out you really notice how much
money you’re saving. So that’s something I’m really enjoying about
Whole30. We had an office temptation yesterday. Evidence of things I can’t eat at the office
on Whole30. This is torture. But I just kind of knew, okay, I’m not doing
that this month. So it’s Week 2. Things are going really well. Honestly I could see myself incorporating
some of these things long term into my diet. I don’t know. Is that crazy? Stay tuned. Who knows? Maybe Week 3 will be the week that I crack. Okay, so it is Week 3 completed of Whole30
which means I only have one week left to go. Which is really nuts! It’s gone by really fast, I think. All things considered. There are definitely some challenging moments. I went to another potluck party on Sunday
and brought some prosciutto and melon – but there were so many yummy looking things there
like chocolate galore and cupcakes and brownies and that really is the hardest part. Going out to eat you’re just in charge of
your own plate and your own order, but anytime you go into a situation where there’s just
a stack of free delicious food that’s chocolatey and sugary and full of non-Whole30 approved
ingredients – that’s the toughest part, for sure. My skin has been clearing up this week. It was really breaking out a lot last week. I think skin takes a while to show a difference
when you change your diet. I kind of felt like my skin might have even
been purging from not having processed foods and sugar, that my skin was breaking out,
getting rid of excess but it’s maybe, hopefully, starting to tone down a little bit more now. One week left of Whole30! Let’s see it goes. Get ready to see what the final results are. So curious. Hmm. The thirty days are done and now it’s time
to take some measurements and see from a anthropometric and data standpoint how Zena did. But really what’s more important is how you
feel. Pretty good! I don’t know. I thought this was going to be torture and
it’s been fine! I feel good. I’m very curious to see. 30 inches! What you were before was 33! Woah! You lost three inches off your waist! That’s huge! Which is amazing! That’s so weird. Hah! Alright let’s see what you weigh. Okay, 149 lbs. Thirty days ago you weighed 152.2. So that is a three pound difference, which
is amazing! What next? Now we’re going to do body fat percentage! Body fat percentage is 23.4%. BMI is 23. A month ago, thirty days ago, your body fat
percentage was 24% so you lost 0.6% of your body fat which is amazing. And then your BMI went down as well from 24
to 23. But you did lose 3 inches off your waist. Which is crazy! So that to me is the most amazing change that
you can notice in that timeframe. Because that just signifies that you’re digestion
is probably working better. You’re not as bloated. That some of the fat that you were carrying
around from your waist, you’ve lost – 0.6% of it. And it’s just a really good indicator for
overall health. The Whole30 Challenge is complete! Yay! So I am done with Whole30. Hurrah! But also… I feel like I could just keep going with this
for a while. My skin definitely cleared up a bit. I think I’m dealing with a little bit of hormonal
acne and I still have some blemishes here and there but the first two weeks it was really
bad. It was full breakouts all over and I think
eliminating sugar really helped to clear it up. So now there’s just a few here or there but
they’re not as extreme. Definitely a good lesson in how the foods
that we eat really affect our outer appearance and our skin, not just digestion stuff is
an obvious no brainer but really eliminating sugar and dairy did help to clear my skin
up a lot. The best thing about Whole30 is just knowing
that I have some will power. I’ve never thought of myself as a person who
has a ton of willpower. But I do! And I think I learned a lot about reading
your body’s cravings and satisfying it with something healthy. Very glad I did the Whole30! Thanks for following along. If you like this video, go ahead and give
it a thumb’s up! Comment below with anything else you’d like
to see. Are there other 30 day challenges we should
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