hey Brian hey Tommy I do man oh I'm just having trouble with my arms they look weak and sickly and I don't have any can you help me out Judy's not that great at it dude look at your coach there's couple things you need to do okay uh my methods work just not doing right tom Judy it's up man method just don't seem to be cutting it lately I got a lot of exercises for you to try you know doing bodybuilding stuff to you not really no no hey shit this is not just a quick bait title Brian and Juji actually disagree on this we've been disagreeing off-camera quite a bit but the basic idea is that both of us have gotten to where we're at but we use different different sounds get that right I mean we're similar body types and their sizes but trained completely differently so when we're talking about arms we figured arms is pretty much I don't know any any guy who wouldn't like that better looking arms right so that's what we're gonna cover we're gonna talk about what I did get my arms what you did to get your arms and I'll explain why I'm right and you're wrong and I'll show you why I'm right and you're wrong okay first off doing that weighted pull-ups we're gonna start with Brian then juji will go and we'll go back and forth between the two with Nick and I as guinea pigs well you guys point/counterpoint yes all right all right so so my first as far as building actual mass on your arms I am a massive massive fan of the way to pull up Nick you watch offense like those folks so you do these number of different ways I actually do not like them pronated weighted I feel like that's six too much stress on my shoulders and if I actually do chin-ups I feel like kind of cheating so I like to go semi supinated here and when we're talking about weight around the waist we're talking about substantial amounts of weight not not talking like oh I had it a 20-pound dumbbell around my waist I mean you need to really build it up just like any other strength exercise the best way that I tell you to do it is now for Rep actually looks good like ten sets of three reps adding weight every single time as many as I can and to be honest that took my arms through them drastically just cuz when I'm doing a curl I I don't know I really haven't curled since high school so beside yesterday we did some girls but the amount of weight that he actually needs movers to hunch about man and you just got a 45 pound weight around test but around weight so he's looking at like 250 pounds he asked you actively be moving along with working his back his biceps everything else is grip involved but you do not like the way to pull okay because you're working your back and your grip and all this other crap that's getting a way of drawing arms man but you do not like to pull you you do not think I've done more weighted pull-ups than a lot of people know sure lots of them for years when I was like 21 22 23 24 35 years old and they did not grow my own really made me a better athlete sure because they build up ab strength there's a back story but they did nothing for my arms absolutely nothing but you think you can isolate a bison okay you can't yes you can how many muscles you can move picking up drama all right isolation is also about reducing the number it doesn't have to be perfect but the less is better I understand that but is it necessarily better because if you're moving more weight on a way to pull up then you're getting more stimulus creating more adaptation if you weren't if you're doing a lighter weight I'd want to expect get bigger arms if I lift the pencil 10,000 times look so with a 50 pound dumbbell for 10 why instead of like 500 pounds can buy weight like I could do on a way to pull up because you're lifting there 500 pounds of so many more muscles if you did if you can do 50 pounds for 10 anything that's too light why don't you just go up 75 pounds for 5 but give me that put the more weight on for Nick and I are there's one thing I agree with you on this that's good for this hunter Stanek grip is gonna be order better for developing arms and reducing shoulder problems so I agree with you on that I hate this grip don't worry unless you're a callous thanks guy yeah my opinion there's no reason to use it unless it makes your shoulder nip in situation that's okay too but the the neutral grip is probably the best of you it definitely makes my shoulders feel best also no doubt okay well I'll do this quick and then we'll go to Judy's method yeah yeah yeah come on is that good yeah that means you're doing right nick has like 95% back in my taters it's all I got you can walk over here with it that'll build muscle muscle groups right I'm seriously you truly believe the biceps are going that you will put more massive if I sit with a lighter way I'm not saying when a heavier weight I'm not saying a lighter way of saying a different exercise okay I'm really interested to see your fault okay you've made this abomination of Brian's EZ curl bar which you have yes we do have knees go barks actually from the from when I was in high school we worked out in my buddy's basement and his mom and she donated this easy crowbar to Jim and this is the first time it's been used in four years someone's getting some arms in this gym at least so so tell me tell me the scientific behind the fact that you're doing what do we got here well hon even 70 pounds for two arms well they just keep doing until you can't do it anymore it gets harder the more you do it dude we did curls for six and a half minutes yesterday I didn't stop we weren't doing them right oh yeah so is there is there a right way and wrong way so if they use more body here you can start you're not using your biceps anymore so I'm I know I'm use I'm getting a little bit of help to use the biceps yeah isolate them but then you're using my mouse way to pull ups because by the time that the back and everything in abs are toast the bus that still have more in the tank but they don't but they do your bicep isn't going to be have nearly as much as your back that's like saying your arm is going to push more weight than your legs here's the tank give me that here's the tank Brian as this is also important viewing it one time do eat carbs when you workout I don't I don't understand you super studying it yep yeah we all hammer curls it's a slightly easier exercise just to tap into a little bit more anything I'm supposed to be doing here to uh keep doing it activate my massive arm gross I mean your vice that veins look crazy well I'm doing these extremely hard exercises you won't run keep going I can tell his face he's getting tired I promise you know I could literally do this till 2020 yeah you look like you just rented one of those ducts and took it out on a lake a little paddle boat here's actually a problem with strongman is you don't want to be bigger okay give us a second here we need you guys to measure this get that stupid tape measure out we need to we need to look at the arm size okay this is officially the first time my arm has ever been measured in my life with aplomb Tina yeah eight ten and a half inches okay Larry reals was 19 last year all right let's to know that because he showed me in as Lincoln goes oh my don't murder a peak Yeah right there 18 in just over half yeah so 9/16 you barely beats you yeah he beats by 1600 is yours congratulations congratulations that's pretty good so they say it's the same but different methodology yes we're actually talking about that off-camera what worked for me literally the exact opposite worked for him but that's cuz it's wrong how much do you weight Brian 232 last week of doctors and Juji I'm 230 in my dining room okay so this is actually a pretty decent comparison absolutely this is good Tom I want to get on this exercise yeah yeah well you guys rented each other yeah like if I thought biceps would help me I'm completely down for training them I truly truly a.m. I just think as far as training economy I don't have enough recovery between all the strongman self all the powders and stuff to spend time doing that you know I mean I'd rather spend that time doing blue ham raises or reverse diapers or something like that this is easy for you it's pretty hard for me hey Tom you just had a bowl of raisin bread for breakfast it was a very small bowl I had an omelet – you stupid waffle waffle bastard every to court right exercises don't work I mean I'll keep doing them we have to get something done today we're gonna go home and your daughter's gonna be like oh my gosh Ryan's little bars and the dog is not gonna chew your shoes and stuff so this is gonna be scared of you because you're bigger than normal will this help me if sharks text me oh the shark is gonna have to chew you longer before he swallows some know this isn't just a super set it to drop super set so you're just tapping into more muscle fibers and prolonging the pain increasing the palm hello bunny says fibers if 5vs fibers all right it's harder than I thought yeah that's because we increase the weight so yoke is pretty easy of it simply and you did it eight times not ten I played the camera what am i doing hammer curls just together oh the same time yeah yeah feel it really squeeze right here Oh lookie lookie dad cooking up some biceps come on this one's dying what's up cuz the weight it's cuz of my arm no no it's good I can't deadlift anymore but it's not the way it's my glutes it's cuz my operation yeah I like the nerve damage so I can do this one bunch yeah but this one work okay easy crew okay on that note let's go to Bryon's next exercise we did this in yesterday's video now we're doing it for arms alright so I personally like farmers walk a lot for basic arm training because number one you're working your shoulders you're working back your work your abs are working everything also through the stabilization what happens as you get more and more tired just like the curl you start using other things you're not supposed to write but you know farmers walked when you start getting tired and you start losing your grip you're gonna start going like this why because you feel like you can hold on more weight if you pull up it's just like pull something close to you yeah say think so when you're going farmers walk kill your biceps they do oh yes these are different farmers walks than yesterday yes yes would you go for a specific style farmers walks to first I do not like front loaded and back loaded as much I like top loader because I feel like it can stay in hand better okay um and number two keeping these weights on this thing is often very hard because if the anything goes wrong it starts sliding right they start walking with these yes except the way that I would do this is either very very heavy right for shorter distances or extremely light for long distances so something like this wait you'd go for like 400 meters okay what would be the validity of walking on a treadmill and curling at the same time isn't that the same basically the same thing on a treadmill it's like walking with the farmers walk well the differs would be that I don't know what how much is the curl walking on a treadmill but it's probably not gonna be like 315 pounds in pounds it's the whole fuckload I'm specialized in that local to the strongman well you wouldn't you don't intentionally do it it just naturally happens like your bicep under that amount of pressure because it's heavy it's going to have to be working extremely extremely hard and that's all it works as a story a lot of people here at the gym their biceps it's like Nick Nick doesn't do any any direct arm work my wife don't do any direct arm work it's just uh yeah I don't know it works for us are you do this in jeans right yeah we do deposition I suppose it's true anything no I said nothing of value so if I'm trying to work my bicep on this you you don't have to work it it's working right because it's just like it's just like you're your core was getting work standing under yoke yeah because it's a thousand pounds right so you're cores working harder there never has same idea that your core the best core work you do is dead listen squat right yeah it's not crunches so that's the same thing you're doing here you do not need to bend I'm actually bending that's my bad teachers you break your bicep but the basic idea here is that you have to stabilize the entire time and it will grow I'm gonna help you argue argue your point for you okay okay okay so if you want to grow arms as big as yours yes for you yeah and this works for me yeah and it won't work for you but it'll go right now I know you know he just did body but I just did but so you can grow big arms doing these exercises what if you wanted that what if you actually wanted to grow bigger arms though and nothing else I just want to bigger arms just win bigger arms right the team starts they need to change for cousin strumming you don't want to use biceps cuz they get in the way yeah like for rack position stuff like that a big biceps actually hurt you yeah in a lot of strength sports but if I was just I don't know i I've literally never won a biceps in my life but you'd have them that's probably why like I don't know I I don't know what I do if I was just going to I guess I would do curls or drink Drano now I am a fan a direct tricep work every single power lifter that's any good is a fan of direct Rosser okay not by support well I didn't tell you that process I'm gonna agree through a lot on this my benchpress went through the roof when I started doing exercises like this I 100 sundry steps got bigger yeah I was able to actually press the weight with muscle that wasn't there before yes right now I get that by doing different exercises but I want to understand agree that this is massively important if you're trying to do performance not just strength we're not just size as well you have elbow problems ever I know me neither but a lot of people that do have elbow problems say that banded tricep pushdowns actually helping have you heard that no no but a lot of people have out problems I get that question a lot yeah well Brian to take this exercise from performance to aesthetic yes all you need is this baby yeah there you go this is the mirror image a yeah this is the mirror so we're missing a key pivotal point on aesthetics and bodybuilding is to look at yourself while you're doing it yes because the mind muscle connection cannot be complete without the mind muscle mirror connection absolutely not so should I should i assist you you here yeah yep how's it working baby I cannot see that before is that good this actually might actually be working on yeah that's that's pretty cool oh yeah look at that yeah like a big I can make this better I think I can make this better check it out look now I look like a bodybuilder okay there we go there you go see I just added a lot of muscle right there that's pretty good Wow yeah that's working the most sore my biceps I've ever been sore my entire life is from a front loaded can carry front loaded kick carries you should have some sort of front loaded carry in your program no matter what while you're doing bodybuilding or you're doing foreign space stuff because of how much can actually help your posterior chain as well as any type of stabilization and just make all your other lists go up which will in turn hopefully upper body building but in this one what I personally like to do is just pick up the keg hold as high as possible right so when I tip it and pull it up I'm holding here okay if you want to hold here you can hold here it's gonna get real old but basically I hold here now a lot of people talk about why does this work your biceps it's an isometric hold but it's not because every step you take you're adjusting right so the worst that I've ever ever been with this was a 300 pound keg for about 400 meters and then I threw up for like 2 hours 4 meters floors ranged one time around track okay yeah it was a track well it was out here this measure 200 meters okay gosh yeah Corner okay welcome are you gonna do kegs you've done 400 meters 300 pounds yes you grew up a lot like that was actually Nick's first day of the gym threw up a whole lot beautiful yeah I'm gonna do 120 do that sometime yes absolutely yeah what up here since the Millard Food lines up kind of your hands yeah right so now from there big belly breath pushing the ground stick up and like I said that lohan you want to be rowing back actively yes and then go for a walk that's the whole game the faster you walk the sooner it's done but it's more jostling and more jostling ends up getting your biceps harder just keep going he'll move anyway so theoretically this should help put a lot of stimulus on your bicep especially with small reps it's like little micro reps and it really does you guys will feel by the time you put it down your biceps blow up really good and you're killing two birds with one stone right now you're working your cardio work your legs work your back hopefully your arms will grow but if they don't grow at least you did something awesome if you're doing curls hang your owners don't grow inches their buns curls good job dude come on man hang in there ready to go how big your arms are yeah all right you're also coming off a pretty serious milk walk – dude I wanted to drop that so bad yeah well right before we got to a tree Chetta yeah I was like I'm done and I was like no brah you have to go back right we'll go back do the funny thing about this whole thing is usually wanted to go back and forth all in one and I told them not to it's that long Troy him and looking at him we're going back to the the gym there and I'm gonna try the two hundred and Judy's gonna try the 120 or do the 120 Brian's thinks I'm gonna die and I'm pretty sure I'm okay I do it you got it it's all the waffles waffles push into the ground Tom make sure your brace where you pick it up me that's a heavy cake that's that's more than body weight for you sis this is like a 300 kg for me if you make my hamstrings do oh my hamstrings you mean biceps right yeah Brian is about to initiate us into the strongman club after those kegs swimming position Judy did you want to explain the close grip bench presses this is one we actually agree on we both separately wrote down our our answers and bench press came up oh we played a game of Go Fish and closer benches shut up and what is there for well what are you using it for I'm using for triceps a music for triceps Wow come to something well one of the things I've learned is that it's uh in order to make a muscle group bigger it's not just about getting a pump Shay it's also about how much poundage you're actually pressing with it because push downs help me out a lot but also like moving to like a close grip bench press and like like a boar Peretz right like this and like all that load on the triceps right there is also very key yes and getting them to so would you do this beforehand like this is your main exercise and that would be like an assistance where you isolate it you know I like I like both I actually like to stick it as a pre-exhaust so I don't have to get into it and then I remember doing pre-exhaust back when I used to do like somebody blowing stuff yeah yeah yeah I remember that like it's interesting so does any of that change like do you believe more pre-exhaustion you more main exercise heavy weight and try to think you're both good in this respect I think you're both good the only thing that I'd add to what you said about the close your bench press is that a lot of people when they think close your bench press they're thinking that this means close grip and this does not mean close grip close grip bench press can be closer so if this is like your normal your normal bench grip which mine is about here I when my index fingers just starting to touch a smooth so it's closer gives a little pressure off your off your wrist but you still you're try side number one hit bring his hands in its going to take more of his chest and Delta out so it is more of a tricep exercise now what he's doing as far as the board press goes is he's just working a range of motion similar to a pin pressed or anything else where you have the opportunity to just try to as much isolate that tricep as much you possibly can which is what he's doing doing a darn good job at two men I mean you're beautiful from the same this is the first time I've actually done a board press really I've done it with a bench block which is like you know by myself yeah but not with actual wood on my stomach like the way brian arrest is wood on your stomach I like the way Brian rest this what is usually middle finger on a ring so I should go about here yeah I'd come in yeah pretty easy feels good yeah actually feels really good yeah I like to keep my elbows in as much as I can how's your shirt agree cuz if you feel they're they flare the elbows I was gonna activate more chest and I just did them until they got really uncomfortable and stopped bodybuilders often don't count things really is that true yeah I feel like I'm actually getting a an intro into the bodybuilding works I I don't know that I'm guessing you guys don't count reps what I don't say all of them a lot of times but you personally you'll go more by feel than you will I do both right on sometimes it's in the workout I'm just throwing in some extra yes stuff just to kind of get a pump out just I just go until it doesn't work I mean when you're acting a workout you're already pretty exhausted you're just throwing pull-ups at the end yeah you really need to count the reps and log that no they're just like I can do like four of them right now it's is oh my god did I do the exact same with my sister stuff like the same thing like I try to stick as close for my percentages where my strength work yeah cuz of the CNS demands and things like that but let's get to my sister set the smart sighs I'm like I'm going by feel if I need something heavy after some heavy if I need something light of your life but yeah it's all by feel you know right but when you're starting a workout or something like press or something yes and that's like that's like the meat of the workout no you're keeping track of that yes yeah yeah we have to show we were callously progressing so we're getting ready for competitions and stuff like that yeah so all right we're done with agreeing on things and yes guys are new things we're gonna do something pretty stupid well we've got something weird going on here guys we're gonna reveal it as we go through but we're gonna start the strongman way yeah we've come to a compromise with bodybuilding and strongman guys we have apparently could do both to get arms we're all doing crossfit stone curls good ten reps thank you it looks like it's doing something shadow attack you on this good god it's hard dude yeah I'm not gonna be able to do that the Internet's can be like you're gonna terrabytes it well that means it's working the bicep right that's room just different levels of tearing all right okay well do 10 reps we did a stupid thing like this said Bradley Martin's gym and it was just a bunch of bars this is just way cool ours this is way cooler we go god stuff well how is this log did 86 god it feels way worse than these pounds because those tech Terry's thank God we empty the keg before I carry this time yeah we did 20 fast reps of this it's a 4 to 20 pound Jack hold you right it's right if you're right it on there that's what that must be the weight stricter okay record let's go this is your destiny Jersey what's up next man well it's funny to ask watch out boys we got tighter curls you little clap and then I'll finish off with the classic that's the tree Sakura oh gosh do you want girls teeth groans Cheatham brother this is actually a 200 pound dumbbell Hey look how big it is that must be the weight right that was 250 could be 250 yeah that's strong stupid doesn't matter okay well Brian you're gonna try this yeah absolutely okay but but wait yeah what are you doing with this shirt oh I am doing body barani Nick I'm screwing Nick Tom make a little most of the light stone right yeah all right so we've come to some compromises here and found out that we have some good news for you if you like strongman training and find it more exciting and fun while you can get bigger arms by doing strongmen exercises and if you don't like strongman training or can't afford it or can't find a gym you just workout at Planet Fitness or Gold's Gym that you can do all the easy bodybuilding exercises and make them as hard as you want and get bigger arms as well so it looks like we're doing a pretty good job of realizing that you can get a tire out back and you can do some curls curl Charles curls curls well hey Kona how's it going it is not the end of the video yet because they have to subscribe they have to subscribe to Bryan's channel right yeah Bryan's channel Nick's channel Channel well thankfully we're asking you guys to subscribe 30 minutes into this video so by the time this happens it's all people have been described Tom but we got a Norwegian comin Gigi right so we're gonna fix a hammer but we're gonna break it before we fix it in the next video see you there