– The Wisconsin Whipping Up Wellness
Student Chef Competition is our annual event where we invite
middle and high school students – teams of three to five kids –
to create an original dish that incorporates great
whole ingredients, that allows them to really use their
creativity and learn some culinary skills. Student teams submit an original
recipe to us, and then we go through all of the entries, and the top five
recipes get invited to participate in a cook-off event that’s held at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Babcock Hall in their
fantastic cooking lab. – Really creative use of the ingredient.
The breading – like, the crust is a roasted chickpea pulsed down in the powder.
– As part of the competition, they get to work with their school foodservice
director or other school nutrition staff to increase their recipe from
six to eight servings up to 48 or 50 servings to
hopefully be able to then incorporate those original
recipes into the school meals. – Just turn it down just a little bit. – Teams that compete in the
cooking competition get to present their dishes and tell the story
of their recipes to a panel of judges. – My grandmother shared
some traditional Menominee recipes with us that inspired our
Manomaeh Maskucihsak Mesek Meseqnaew Napop,
or wild earth bean and turkey soup. – [chuckles] It’s really good. I don’t
think anybody has stopped eating it. – We celebrate all of the
teams and their great originality. – It smells amazing, and I’m really glad
that you guys decided to put the red peppers back in because it does add a lot
of color, so it looks more appetizing. And it tastes really good.
– We really like this event. Not only do kids get to, you know,
hopefully learn some new culinary techniques, they get to maybe
use ingredients that they’ve never experienced before,
but they’re also learning other life skills, such as teamwork, working towards
presentation, public speaking, which are things that not all
students get to experience every day. We hope that you will consider
entering or work with your students to develop a team and create
an original recipe and enter today. [ Music ]