We are the first CrossFit affiliate that has been built on a hospital campus and we currently have, out of our 250 employees, about 52 employees that are involved in our CrossFit program. I’m Josh Newton, I’m the director of health and wellness services at Kirby Medical Center and we are at CrossFit KMC. Today we had our open house and grand opening for CrossFit KMC to let everybody come in and check out our new facility. Really sat down and tried to look to see where healthcare was going to go or where we thought it was going to go and what we realized was that this organization, Kirby Medical Center, needs to be about not only healthcare but about health. And about disease prevention and not just disease treatment. So we changed our vision statement and we said you know what, let’s focus on making Pike County and the surrounding areas healthier places to live. And when we did that I think it really just helped change our mindset and help us give additional focus on the health of the community and what we could do to keep people out of the hospital. I think what we’re doing here at CrossFit KMC is influential in the healthcare community because there’s not a lot of healthcare facilities that are taking preventative measures to impact healthcare. A lot of healthcare organizations are reactive and prescriptive in nature. It’s kind of like Greg talks about, not just being lifeguards but actually being swim coaches, and impacting people’s lives in a positive way. If you’re a hospital worker, if you’re a healthcare worker, and you’re not practicing what you preach and you’re not healthy, I think there’s something wrong with that. If a doctor walks in and he’s overweight and he’s battling diabetes, or he’s fighting chronic disease, why would you listen to somebody like that? Why would you be a part of that? So, we’re trying to change the culture of healthcare by getting healthcare workers out there on the front lines first and making them the ones that are the most healthy. I don’t know if I’m changing the world but you know what, if I can change things here at Kirby Medical Center and I can change things here in Pike County and that spreads, then I feel like I really have accomplished something. And we want to spread the word. We want people to know what we’re doing here and we want to be successful and I know we will be.