hi I’m Cara from Health Home and Happiness and today we’re going to talk about the difference between
detoxification and knowing if you’re having your recurrence of symptoms when
you’re on the gaps diet most people that are going through the introduction part
of the gaps diet where you start with just meat broth and cooked vegetables
and cooked meat and then you slowly add things in they’ll get what’s called a
healing crisis and a healing crisis is when the pathogenic bacteria low in your
gut are dying off because you’re not feeding them the starches and the carbs
anymore that they need to survive when they die off they release a ton of
toxins into your bloodstream that can affect your brain and then they can kind
of back up in your system and cause rashes or cause digestive problems or
sometimes even vomiting diarrhea that kind of stuff as your body tries to get
rid of them overall this it seems horrible it is horrible it’s not fun to
go through but it means that they’re dying and they’re no longer living in
your body slowly emitting these little toxins are slowly causing problems with
your digestive system so that’s what a healing crisis is I will link to a blog
post that explains that more in detail down below down below this video as well
as some more informational articles on how to know if you’re having a detox
reaction or a healing crisis or when you’re supposed to go on the next stage
so if you’re having a healing crisis on gaps something that you can do to help
deal with the symptoms is Epsom salt baths those are in my intro book and
they’re recommended by dr. Natasha epson salt has both sulphur and my museum and
both of those are needed for your detoxification pathways so your body can
naturally clean up the toxins that are there the second thing you can do to
help eliminate your detox reactions is to take a charcoal if you’re having too
much of a detox reaction and maybe you’re vomiting a lot or you’re so
lethargic that you can’t do living things this I don’t think it’s
recommended by dr. Natasha but she doesn’t say anything bad about it I know
a lot of my readers have had success with taking activated charcoal it’s just
you can get it at any link Walgreens or anything like that it’s just a little
pill and it’s full of activated charcoal you give this for poisoning to kids
that’s actually what’s recommended by most mainstream pediatricians instead of
the syrup of ipecac that makes them throw up now you just give them the
charcoal and that absorbs the toxins in there so stuff in their system but for
gaps if you have accidentally consumed too many probiotics or you’ve eaten too
many Pro fermented foods and you’re having a detox reaction and that’s acute
you can take the charcoal we don’t want to take this every day because it does
bind to the vitamins and minerals that we need so if we take a charcoal every
day to try and get rid of the detox reactions and we’re also going to be
starving our body of the nutrients that we need so it’s good for an occasional
use if you need it just to get you out of a healing crisis quickly and then be
careful not to do whatever you did to cause a healing crisis to come on so
fast usually it’s probiotics by a cult is super powerful so if you just take
just start with just a tiny little bit of that and that’s another question that
I get a lot is do you do bye uncle during the introduction I don’t do about
cope during the intro I feel like intro just alleviating all of those
carbohydrates is plenty to kill off the bacteria so if you are also taking bio
cult that those good strains that are in bio cult will go down and kill the
bacteria even faster and that can cause too much of a healing crisis for most
people to handle so we have Epsom salt baths which help our body to detox
because the sulfur and magnesium is needed for detoxification pathways
slowing down fermented foods and probiotics or not doing them at all and
waiting till you’ve had or healing the charcoal for immediate
relief that is our third thing and then finally is just taking it slow just go
through the gaps intro diet as slowly as you can try things like try the egg yolk
a lot of people can handle the egg yolk and it feels like they’re doing more but
introducing especially the probiotics as slowly as possible coconut is not in the
GOP’s intro diet and I believe that’s because it does kill off that pathogenic
bacteria quickly as well coconut can get through your healing crisis for lots of
people as well and then the next thing we’re going to talk about is how do you
know it should go on the next stage of the gaps diet there’s five or six intro
stages all this that down below I’ll put a link to the the foods that are in each
stage and the exact numbers and what’s allowed on them but you go the first
stage is just the meat and the veggies and the broth and that’s pretty
restrictive and a lot of people are really hungry so I don’t ever really
recommend people stay on that unless they’re having severe diarrhea and
vomiting for more than a day or two so I’ll do a couple days on the first stage
and then once you can add the egg yolks into a few more days and then slowly add
about one food a day and if you start seeing symptoms come back like if you’ve
done that guy’s diet for depression and you didn’t have depression through stage
three then you go to introduce something on stage four and depression comes back
or eczema comes back or whatever you’re doing gaps diet for if something went
away in the first stages and then it comes back it means you need to back up
a stage so the difference between knowing when to go on the next stage and
seeing your symptoms come back and know when you need to reverse a little bit is
if it’s something new that’s usually a healing crisis so if you used or if it’s
like a big flare so if you had a little bit of eczema and then you go on stage
one and you see a big eczema Fleur that’s from the die-off if you don’t
notice something until you go up a stage then that’s usually your body not being
able to handle that next stage up so that’s how I tell it’s kind of it takes
a lot of charting there’s a chart in my intro book that can help you to track
these symptoms so we marked a lot of symptoms on calendars and we were doing
doing this we put a big desk calendar those big ones that we just put one of
those up in the kitchen and I marked her symptoms like melt we were doing
meltdowns bowel movements and how much he ate a day so if she was like really
hungry and she had very few meltdowns and she had good bowel movements I would
mark that on our calendar for that day and then if I introduced a food that day
I would mark that too so then if the next day I saw well she didn’t sleep
really well last night let’s see what we did yesterday well her everything was
good yesterday but we did introduce like the raw garlic they saw oh maybe she’s
not good with the raw garlic yet so then we just take the raw garlic out and do
whatever we did prior to adding the rock garlic in for a couple days and then go
ahead and try the raw garlic again the the GOP’s intro is super healing and
it’s super efficient so hopefully every couple days if you just give your body a
couple days to rest then a few days later you’ll be able to introduce
whatever food you were just trying to do that caused that detox reaction or that
healing crisis and you can introduce it again so I hope that helps know when to
go on the next stages and again I’ll link a few blog posts down below if you
can give me a thumbs up if this was helpful on YouTube that would be helpful
to me to get these words out there and I hope you have a healthy day thank you hi I’m Kara from health home and
happiness and today we’re going to talk about detox reactions in the gout site
in the gaps diet you’re hilarious