Hi, I’m Whitney. And today, I’m packing for my trip to go to Eastern Nationals in Michigan. So, here it’s my bag that I’m taking. [Narrator] What it says on the front? It says ‘region 8 is great’ on the front with their USA GYMNASTICS symbol. [Narrator] What are you doing with that bag? I put my competition stuff in it. So this is what will be in my competition day. So I have my water bottle. [Narrator] Okay. And then I have my snacks, of course. [Narrator] Um-hum. I have band-aids for my toes. [Narrator] (laugh) I have Aleve. I have my tape and pre-wrap. I have my flip-flops. [Narrator] Where did you get those? I got these at Regionals. They gave this to me, along with this t-shirt, which I’ll show later.
-[Narrator] Okay. And, I have my grips, and my spare grips of course. And I have my Tiger paws. And I have my phone with me. [Narrator] Looks a little different. Yeah I know, right? Just have sticky notes on it. And then, I have… I only packed one lucky duck this time. And this one is my first lucky duck ever, and Ron gave it to me, and it’s signed by an Olympian – Courtney McCool on the bottom. [Narrator] How to focus. Here we go. And the only reason I’m bringing one rubber lucky duck is because, it would be too much to carry on the plane. So I just decided to pick one of my favorites of course. Because my other favorite is Ronald! And he’s also gone with us, because I sleep with him every night. [Narrator] Does everybody know what happened last time we went on a trip with Ronald? Okay so Ronald has been many places. He’s even been in the mail before. So, we went to Greensboro North Carolina, and I left him in the hotel room. So we had to like, call the hotel, and they had to like, ship him back to our house. [Narrator] Were you upset? I was very upset. I cried until I heard he was coming home. [Narrator] (laugh) He’s special. Okay. He’s coming with us right? mm-hmm [Narrator] Alright, so let’s move on from your bag. [Narrator] What are you going to wear tomorrow? Okay. I am wearing a lucky duck necklace. [Narrator] Whoa, zoom in.. [Narrator] I got to focus. [Narrator] Oh, It’s hard to focus. Oh there it is. [Narrator] Oh that’s so cute. Where did you get that? I got it from my birthday So I’m wearing that. [Narrator] Okay. And I’m also wearing my region 8 t-shirt, that I got at Regionals after I qualified. It says 2017 national team for region 8. And then, I’m also wearing my region 8 sweatshirt that I got at Regionals. So I can represent my region. And I’m wearing jeans, socks and my tennis shoes. [Narrator] Alright, so tell me why they want you to wear [Narrator] because you’re not allowed to wear any gym stuff, right? [Narrator] that says your name of the gym on it, why? I’m not allowed to wear any GAA, or any um.. random shirt. Because they want us to represent our region, and it’s like the national competition, so everyone needs to represent their team. [Narrator] Alright, their region, right? Yes. [Narrator] Okay, anything else? Nope. [Narrator] Alright, you got to get up early tomorrow and get on the airplane, [Blakely] Good luck! [Narrator] Who’s there? [Blakely] Hi~(Laugh) So I hope you enjoyed this video of what I have in my competition bag for Eastern Nationals. And, have a great day. Bye! (Guitar music)