A diet where you can eat whatever you want and lose weight? Say what? There’s no food that’s off limit. Absolutely none. There’s no deprivation. Jorge Cruise, author of The Cruise Control Diet says it’s possible. Losing up to a pound a day of belly fat. We say on the book’s cover you can lose 28 lbs in 28 days. The key, he says, is intermittent fasting. It’s really understanding that you can really enjoy fasting without starvation. The trick is to eat within an eight hour window but then fast for 16 hours. Jorge says approved high fat and low sugar beverages and treats can get you through the fasting period. Healthy fats will stop hunger. You won’t feel hungry. And it’s indulgent and feels delicious. By adding fats like butter to your coffee while fasting, Jorge says you’re cheating the fast. Then to break the fast, Jorge says have a healthy lunch. Lunch may be a big salad. But then the trick is putting things like avocado on the salad. Or macadamia nuts. And then you can enjoy a beautiful dinner at home, whether it’s pasta, a big salad, soup, pizza. Jorge is a celebrity trainer who has written over 25 diet books and says this is his favorite program ever. What this does is it gives you the most amount of freedom and confidence because people can do this long-term. (upbeat instrumental music)