so diet is one of the most important
parts of having a happy healthy hamster so that’s why it’s important to
have a high quality and high variety hamster food for your hamster a lot of
people think you can just walk into the pet store pick the cheapest seed mix and
then feed it to your hamster and that’s it but a hamsters diet is a little bit
more complicated than that hamster diets can be pretty confusing
because there is not one sole hamster mix sold in the pet store that is going
to meet all of a hamsters nutritional needs oftentimes hamster owners are
going to have to mix more than one mix together to get the proper amounts that
a hamster needs so here are a couple of things that you should know about
hamsters, hamsters are omnivores they’ve been found in the wild to eat a lot of
different insects as well as they’ve even been found to eat other small
mammals hamsters are not herbivores like a lot of people think if they’re just
fed a herbivore diet they will slowly die from malnutrition. Pellets and things
like the Oxbow brand which I love the Oxbow brand for any other species of
animal just not for hamsters because the main part of that mix is hay which
hamsters don’t need in their diet. Seeds are good for hamsters there’s a lot of
myths that surround seeds a lot of people think that seeds are like candy
to hamsters they really aren’t seeds provide a lot of variety for your
hamster as well as seeds are actually fairly low in fat and sugar so it’s not
really like candy if you take a look at something like barley it actually has
quite low fat and low sugar content per 100 grams so because of that myth a lot
of people just feed their hamsters pellets as well as a lot of people will
recommend feeding pellets so that their hamster can’t become a picky eater but
this then gives your hamster a lack of variety which is really important in
their diet that’s like if you were only to eat
crackers the rest of your life you would be very bored of that and it would not
be very fun to eat the same thing over and over so variety is
really important there’s a lot of different ways that you can get around
with not having your hamster become a picky eater such as you can not refill
the dish until everything has been eaten from the dish or you can try to find a
seed mix that doesn’t just contain a ton of junk foods try to find one that has a
less amount of those fattier foods in it so when it comes to picking a good
hamster mix you’re going to want to try to find something with 17 to 19 percent
protein 4 to 7 percent fat and 6 to 15 percent fiber you’re also going to want
to pick something with a lot of variety now you’re probably not going to find a
sole mix in the pet store that is going to meet all of those requirements you’re
most likely going to have to end up mixing a couple of different mixes now
what I recommend is because a lot of seed mixes generally have very low
protein content I recommend taking a high variety seed mix and I recommend
mixing that with a high protein block diet. When you are mixing different
hamster foods together you really need to be careful you can’t just like mix
three different mixes together you kind of need to calculate it out because you
can actually really mess up the overall nutritional value of it and you don’t
want something that’s too high in fat or too high in protein or too low in
protein so you’re gonna want to make sure you’re going to be calculating it
right I will leave a really great calculator that was made by one of the
members on the hamster haidle forum so that you can figure out how much of each
mix to combined together as of right now the most recommended mix on the market
would be to take 50% of the Higgins Sunburst and 50% of the Mazuri rat and
mouse pellets and mix that together I myself have actually researched quite
a bit into homemade hamster diets and decided to create my own mix as well as
mix in a little bit of commercial hamster seed mix I don’t talk about it a
lot on my channel because it is important if someone wants to make
their own homemade hamster diet they do their own research and they learn how to
properly calculate all of the nutritional values of each food it also
can be a very expensive process so if you’re on a low budget you probably
don’t want to be making your own homemade food if you’re still interested
in making a homemade diet I will leave a good link that talks all about it
I myself have personally chosen to create my own hamster seed mix because
there is no other mix on the market that looks like mine I can provide as much
variety as I want I get to choose and select which seeds which different types
of foods I put in there as well as I can make the variety lots, I also know where
each food is coming from because I’m purchasing it myself to put into my mix
making my own hamster food doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better than a
store-bought food it is something that I’m always improving my mix isn’t 100%
perfect but it is something that you always are going to be improving and
changing along with your hamsters regular daily mix you also want to
include fruits vegetables and other extras these are really important
because they have a lot of good nutrients and minerals for your hamster
vegetables are super healthy a lot of people seem to be against feeding them
every single day because they say they’re going to get diarrhea and they
could die which they won’t there is a certain way you can go about giving your
hamster extra foods like fruits and vegetables and you shouldn’t just give
them an entire carrot stick that of course would give your hamster an upset
stomach but if you’re slowly introducing a new food to them every time and you
slowly increase the amount, your hamster won’t get an upset stomach I also have a
video that talks about safe and unsafe extra foods to feed your hamster so I
will leave that link in the iCard above right here and the last thing I want to
talk about is herb’s this is something that not a lot of
hamster owners in Canada or in America really include into their hamsters diet
because it might not be as available to us as it is other countries but
herbs are really great they have a lot of good minerals as well as good
properties to them for example the herb echinacea helps strengthen the immune
system, dill can actually help with an upset stomach and chamomile can actually
help with indigestion as well as any respiratory diseases so because herbs
don’t contain a ton of fats and sugars there’s not really a limit on how much
you can give I myself personally sprinkle a bunch in the cage once a week
but you could probably go get away with giving a little bit more one. last thing
that I want to touch on is extra mineral drops or mineral chews that you can get
at the pet store that you drop into your hamsters water or you feed them to them
these are not necessary and they don’t always help your hamster your hamster
should be getting all of the nutrients and minerals from their daily diet so
these really just aren’t necessary so I really really hope this video could help
anybody who is confused on hamster diets because I know it can be such a
confusing topic and make sure you check out the description bar because I’m
going to leave a bunch of links about things that I talked about in today’s
video so yeah guys thank you for watching bye