– Do you know why you can’t lose weight? Do you know why your
children can’t lose weight? Well, let’s get into that one today, because I’m sure there are some things you about to learn to this video that you probably never heard before. But after this video, you
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something very serious. Weight loss, body fat, can’t lose, always hungry, never full. Well, let’s get into why. Now have you ever heard of microbiome? Microbiome are non-human
organisms which live in your body. It’s a whole ecology of
organisms which are non-human, which make up 90% of your cells. They regulate hunger,
digestion, mood, all that, right in your system. We have a microbial called
helicobactus pylori, short for H. pylori which
regulates stomach acid and things of that nature. It helps flush out toxins
that enter into your body through your mouth. Now because they have
said that H. pylori is one of the biggest causes of peptic ulcers, they have administered
and advised to get rid of H. pylori, but here’s the problem. Whenever it implements
something to get rid of something that is already in the body and is supposed to be in the body, we have other problems as well. Now, one thing that H. pylori regulates is something called ghrelin. And ghrelin is what tells
you that you’re hungry, but it also regulates the
hormone leptin as well, which tells you when you’re full. The problem is this. When H. pylori is gone from your system, we have no regulation
of ghrelin and leptin. So when you normally eat,
the ghrelin levels fall while leptin rises, so you’re less hungry and you’re more full. That is a balance. But the problem is when you
eat with H. pylori gone, ghrelin, which means that
you’re always hungry, leptin not regulated, which
means that you’re never full, which means you’re always
eatin’ and you’re always fat. Now with antibiotics, people, the NYU researchers had
did a study on rats, well mice to be exact, and they gave and administered mice antibiotics like to the comparable amount
that you would give a child for an ear infection. And it came to find out that mice, giving them this antibiotics, their weight skyrocketed
and they were eating the same exact food as before. Why’d their weight skyrocket? Because the antibiotics made
them hold on to more calories from their meals from before. Now, if you don’t know
this, know this now. Three-fourths of all antibiotics in the USA are actually given
to cows, pigs, and poultry. It’s not given to ’em
because they’re sick. It’s only given to ’em to fatten ’em up. They’re an industry and they
wanna sell as much product as they can, the meat. And because people eat the
meat, they wanna make sure they get as much and as
fast as humanly possible. So what they do is give these animals a tremendous amount of antibiotics, so when your children are
eatin’ this antibiotics, they’re eating it in the meat. So the average child nowadays, if you look at them right now, look at how little girls are built. They’re built like 30 year
old, full developed women and by the time these little girls with the same eating
habits, when they get 30, they’re actually tremendously obese or most likely before then. Or little boys, the activity has went down because we have the social
media and the video games and they’re not exercising
and they’re eating bad, which means the childhood
obesity epidemic is at an all-time high and the
human in America epidemic is also at an all-time high. The reason why is because the average kid, before the age of 18, has
taken already 10 courses of antibiotics already. So we’re basically
fattening our children up as we’re doing the cows. Because the antibiotics
are still in the meat, which is why I say when you eat meat, make sure it’s grass-fed
as well, all right? So that’s the problem. Too many antibiotics is making you fat. And because they got rid
of helicobacter pylori, which regulates ghrelin and leptin, which tell you you are hungry and tell you when you’re full and you’re always eating and you’re never full,
which is in your microbiome. It’s disserving your microbiome. Your microbiome does not know what to do and you’re screwed. So what I would tell you is this. If you’re gonna to eat meat,
make sure it’s plant based. If you don’t know where to
go, go to eatwild.com or .org, I forget, and you can find where
the nearest grass-fed place to you is. Or you can stop eating meat
and go vegetarian, all right? Now this is a bonus part
for y’all who stayed. For anybody who is in
a relationship or not, and you’re having sex and you’re a woman, and you’re like, “I’m doing
everything I’m supposed to do. My diet is good, my health is good. I’m having sex. Why can’t I lose weight?” Because every time your
man ejaculates in you, he’s messin’ with your
macronutrient count for the day. What did I say about semen? One steak, 10 eggs, six
oranges, and two lemons, you’re getting every time
he’s ejaculating in you, so my advice to you women
is don’t let him ejaculate in you as much. Keep your macronutrients level, because you’re getting an
over amount of nutrients. Too much nutrients in your
body and you’re gaining weight. It’s a fact. I’ve seen it, I’ve done it. Stop doing that, she starts
to lose weight within a week after stopping it. And if you don’t believe me, just try it. I know what I’m talking about. So besides that, if you
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everybody start to understand what’s really going on in your bodies. You have non-human organisms
living in there right now, and you don’t even know it, which regulate mood,
weight loss, weight gain, all that stuff, all right? Signals from your brain to your body. The body’s the conduit to the mind, but the mind communicates back to the body and everything is interconnected. Remember that. I love y’all and til the next
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