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that I’m doing around the world I hope to see you there. What Relationship Do You Have? We want to create
the life we want. then why is it
so damn hard? It is so incredibly
hard for people to understand why it is that we aren’t manifesting
the things we want in life this is because we aren’t
aware of our resistance. we aren’t aware of the
actually relationship we have with things
in our life resistance is an
oppositional force we can meet with resistance
in the external world, and the internal world. Now, you know what external
resistance looks like. people, places,
events and things that are opposing you but what we have to accept
is that external resistance is a reflection of
internal resistance. most of which we are
completely unconscious of. to understand resistance in
depth, watch my video titled: ‘Urgent! Deal With Your Resistance
Before You Do Anything Else the resistance that we
have present within us makes for a strange relationship with
anything we have resistance to. you can’t have a good
relationship with money, if you have a bad attitude
towards money anymore then you can have a
good relationship with a partner if you have a bad attitude
towards that partner life consists entirely
of relationships we are in a relationship with
every single aspect of our life and therefore every aspect of your
life can be treated like a relationship. its obvious, that we have
a better relationship with certain things, than
we do with other things. but if we look at it from this
revolutionary approach, all we have to do in
life to live a happy life is to improve our relationship
with each aspect of our life. we have to become aware
of the resistance we have and consciously dissolve
that resistance if we want to manifest
something in our lives. for this reason, one of the
best exercises you can do is to become more aware of
the relationship you have with each aspect
of your life to do this excersise you’re going to examine the relationship
you have with each aspect of your life and you’re going to
do it in this format: “_____I think you are_____” for example: “Money I think you are:” and then a whole
list of the things you think about money for this exercise I want you to be
as brutally honest as you can. this is not the time to
be politically correct. this is the time to be
totally raw, authentic and as unevolved as you
can possibly become. I don’t want you to try to be
balanced in your approach. you can feel free to write
positive and negative things. assuming that positive and
negative things exist. but what you’ll find is,
relative to certain things, your list will be almost
entirely positive. and relative to other things they
will be almost entirely negative. spiritual people love to bypass. what they love
to do is to think: Ok, it’s not ok to have this negative
attitude towards something. and so a person who is spiritual
tends to be completely unaware of their “negative side”,
shall I say, that is not the time
for this exercise because this exercise is about
becoming aware of the reality that is going on within you in terms of
your relationship with certain things. the truth is if you are more balanced
in your actual thoughts about things you would be in a completely
different place then you are with your manifestations Once you have
compiled this list, what I want you to do is to imagine
being on the other side of this list as if you were the thing
being talked about for example, if you do this: “I think money is _____” and then you write
that whole list. imagine that whole
list is being written not about money,
but about you how would you feel
towards you in that scenario? for example, would you
feel like coming closer or going further
away from you? Also, assuming that the universe
wants to bring things that you want
into your life if the universe was
looking over that list what would the universe feel about
bringing that into your life? would the universe want
to do that or no? I’ll give you an example of
what this might look like. Let’s say that somebody
is trying to do a list relative to wanting to
manifest women friends. but manifesting women friends
has proven very difficult. Here’s what this list
might look like, women friends, I think
you are conniving, impossible to make
it work with, temporary, incapable of creating
resolve for conflicts, bitchy, jealous,
devious, fake, false, unpredictable,
physically beautiful, likely to betray me and everyone
else for that matter, manipulative, just looking for the opportunity
to stab me in the back and use any vulnerability I
shared with them against me, can understand the problems
I’m having with men, can relate to most of
the struggles I face, competitive for
no reason, gossipy, horrible
with money, have terrible priorities, flirty, conspire
against me, gang up against me, petty, stupid about things that
there is no reason to be stupid about, like driving cars. moving out of the second
part of this exercise, if I was the one having
written this list, how would I feel if this list
was written about me? I would not feel like being
around teal at all. in fact, I’d feel pretty much
like turning against her. If I was the universe I wouldn’t really want
to ( given this list ) bring women into
Teal’s life. I’d feel like the message
Teal is giving me is: Keep women the hell
away from me. keep them at
arms length maybe so I can just look
at them from a distance. it’s also obvious from an external perspective
looking at this list that what Teal would be a vibrational
match to in this circumstance, is women who don’t actually
want friendship from her. but want something else. it would also be obvious that Teal has a lot of traumas
relative to other women especially women
in her early life that she’s gotta focus on and
create some resolve around in order to move into a different
space of manifestation relative to this thing basically if whoever
compiles this list wants to manifest
women friends these oppositional thoughts,
beliefs, traumas, and actions she takes
as a result of them have to be worked
with directly so the resistance
present within her no longer holds her out of the
vibrational range to actually manifest women friends. do this exercise relative to anything
you want to manifest in life. and also with things
you have manifested it’s really good to see the contrast
between the types of lists you write with things
you feel good towards and things that you have a mixed
vibration, shall we say, about. Here’s a list of some really
good things to try this with money, romantic relationships,
Mom, Dad, society, the Universe or God,
spirit guides, marriage, cars, food, exercise, meditation, the
government, the city you live in,
your career, your body, your health, life in general, family, emotions, your mind, how you look,
your hobbies, your home, your community,
your kids, and your partner. in order to manifest
something you want you have to have a
positive relationship with that thing. Now, you don’t immediately
have to know how to do this. I’ll give you some
good news; most of my content
available today is about how to go
about doing this but the first step is to become completely
conscious of the actual relationship
you have and then the real
work begins about releasing
resistance so that you can come into a
state of complete alignment with the things that
you want to manifest. the life that you are wanting
is waiting for you on the other side Have a good week. Subtitles by the Amara.org community