Just that support that you get from all of
the trainers is amazing. The friendships that you make from the other members, the support
through the Facebook group and just the variety of class times that I can just fit in no matter
what shifts I’m doing, I can just come whenever I can. What makes The Unit Fitness different, I think,
is the one to one contact you have with all four of the trainers. And they’re pretty much
24/7 on a WhatsApp for any question, however silly it may sound. They’ve got a wealth of
experience not only from the training point of view, the nutrition advice and motivation
advice and there’s not one of them that you couldn’t approach to ask a particular question
to. This place is different because the PTs are
wonderful, they’ve got a great sense of humor, it’s encouraging, and you never leave here
not feeling 100%. And I think it’s just ace, I love it. I think what makes Unit different is that
it feels more of a community. We have a bit of a laugh, trainers are all good fun and
really helps you to push yourself, really helps you focus on your form and just do things
right. So for me, The Unit Fitness is completely
different to anything else because it’s tailored to you, it’s personal, it’s fun, it’s ridiculously
well planned and very sociable. I found The Unit different because it’s a
community rather than just a gym where you turn up and do training on your own. Everybody
mucks in, it’s a laugh every time. What makes TUF unique? I think the people
make TUF unique, both in terms of the owners of The Unit, personal trainers, but all the
people, the members, it is a community and everyone motivates each other, keeps each
other going. Every session is different, you never quite know what you’re turning up to
and that makes it a challenge every time, and I think the trainers all take a real interest
in what you’re trying to achieve and they help you get to where you want to be. So I think The Unit is unique in the way that
there’s no hostility here. I’ve been to a number of gyms in the past and there’s always
been an element of feeling like you don’t belong or people wanting to move you out the
way because they want to get on with their own training. With The Unit because it’s so
driven by the trainers here, everyone feels like they’re a part of every session and there’s
no hostile, competitive atmosphere. Everyone’s working towards their own goals and everyone’s
encouraging each other with those goals. All the classes are totally different, so
every time you feel challenged. Nutrition wise I didn’t realize … Well, I’ve never
calorie counted, but I didn’t realize that I was so low on protein, I wasn’t eating enough
protein, so that wasn’t helping me in turn tone up. And the PTs are amazing, they’re
very supportive. If you’ve got any questions they’ll give you one on one time. And yeah,
I’ve never found anywhere like it and, well, I thoroughly recommend it. TUF is unique in many ways. To begin with
the trainers are absolutely fantastic. They’re all different, have their own characters and
personalities. All their little classes are worked around their strengths, which is great.
So you know that every single session you come in you’re going to be doing something
different. You can never predict it and I like that about … You can’t prepare yourself,
but you come in and you give it your all. The element of surprise in each session is
great. So the main thing that makes The Unit Fitness
unique is the knowledge of the trainers and also the fact that you genuinely want your
clients to progress and achieve their goals. And you don’t just help us from a training
point of view, you help us from a nutritional point of view as well. And really offer support,
whether it’s in classes or social media, to actually go and better ourselves. So the motivation
levels that I’ve experienced whilst training at Unit Fitness is something that I’ve never
had before and that’s really key when you’re working towards what you want to achieve and
what you want to look like.