What is Yoga? It is very logical continuation of oгr beginning and in this course before you start you need to enroll in it in order to be able to pass test and how to access to the materials step by step. In this course we are going to discuss topics like what you Yoga? There are a lot of freqently ask are questions that people need to receive answers too to have really an understanding of what yoga is and what is not! There are a lot of myths about the teaching. A lot of people call something yoga when it is really not yoga. On some things we should come in single understanding about if we’re talking about the same things or where we are talking about different things. Also we will talk about where to start yoga? How to find yoga teachers? About very difficult topic of yoga – Yoga and freedom. How we understand freedom and what is the relation of yoga and freedom? Also we will see about of areas of the science, medicine, sports & yoga . Is Yoga everything of it? or maybe one or two things? just none one thing?Or it stands out? We will discuss that. of course we’ll discuss some laws of yoga, costs of yoga. Who can assess your success? All these questions will be answered in this course. My best wishes to you and if you have questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer Good luck!