What is Functional Fitness? First of all, welcome to the Healthy Tunnel
Channel! Please Subscribe. And Click the Bell Icon to get amazing free
tips. You may not have heard of the term functional
fitness before, but the truth is that functional fitness is
all around you. Functional training adapts or develops exercises
which allow the person, to perform the activities of daily life more
easily and without injuries. The basic aim is to have a healthy body that
you are satisfied with. Your exercises shouldn�t interrupt your
schedule, but rather flow inside it. Here are some benefits that you get with Functional
Fitness. A. Easier Movement B. Stronger Immune System C. Looking Better D. Feeling Better Functional fitness is commonly mistaken for
ordinary exercise, but it’s not like this. There is exercise for every important movement
pattern like: Push,
Pull, Squat,
Lunge, Deadlift. In functional training you may use various
equipment like: Cable machines,
Barbells, Dumbbells,
Balance Discs, Resistance Tubes,
Sandbags etc In the description of the video you will see
our suggestions for some books about Functional Training. You will get more thorough data there. You may also find some equipment options,
for your own functional training. In case you would like to create videos like
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you try, a super easy video software 100% Free for
7 Days! Go and check it. It’s real FUN! Functional Fitness helps in everyday life
and gives you a feeling of satisfaction! Thank you for watching! Have a great day!