hey loves! its Brianna thanks for clicking
into my what I eat in a day video I’m so happy that you’re here I’m gonna be
sharing with you everything I eat in a day along with what my two kiddos are
eating two toddlers and what my current fitness and workout routine looks like
when I am at home and this video is also a collaboration with two of my really
good friends here on YouTube I love them to pieces they are total super mom’s
boss mom’s Myka and Tiffani now Myka is what I eat in a day video today is going
to be a pregnancy Edition she’s pregnant with baby number five so she’s truly a
supermom at managing four kiddos her business home school and she’s also
really good at making healthy recipes so if you’re looking for ideas I bet you
she’s gonna have some really good ones and then my girlfriend Tiffani her
channel is called Beauty and the Beastons she’s got three kiddos she’s sharing what she eats with her kiddos eat and
what she’s doing to get her postpartum bod back into shape and she’s looking so
good she just started some personal training and she’s really looking at her
diet so I think you’re gonna get really good ideas from all of us and if you’re
new here I’m a mom of two toddlers and I would love for you to introduce yourself
in the comments let me know a little bit about you and for everyone my thugs I
would love to know is there anything new you’ve been eating or a different diet
that you’re trying to follow or anything new that you’re doing with your fitness
this year in 2019 I want this to be like a great community resource in the
comments for all of us to kind of hear what everybody’s been doing that’s
working for them or what you’ve been liking and what you’ve been into lately
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videos on my channel and let’s get into this video we’ve finally okay say your prayer god
is good so every morning I usually hop on the
bike it’s my coffee do an Instagram post and will reply to some comments while
the kids play or watch a show or sometimes even if we’re like in a time
crunch for something else I’ll put their breakfast on that little
table but we clearly also need a serious declutter and clean up down here how’s
the toy room gotten so messy so I’m still riding the bike and I
usually do this for about 60 minutes now some days if there’s a time crunch you
know 20 minutes is fine 30 minutes is fine 40 minutes is fine but my ideal is
60 minutes just because for my heart and my mind and a lot of the anxiety I’ve
been feeling lately I want to get in sixty minutes of cardio if possible you
just relax and going to the beach with your bear oh you’re putting into sleep Presi what are you doing you’re riding
the bike thirty oh my god you’ve gotten too big for that you
didn’t do big this is the reality of working out I have all my babies
within a foot of me most ge ge for my is my post-workout
snack I’m having some chocolate milk I like
this DHA omega-3 milk and everybody hates fun of you for how I say that
including Adam and then I love this jiff it’s the omega-3 peanut butter so I’m
going to have a scoop of that in a banana just because it’s a lot of
protein and like everybody when I was an athlete would say bananas really help
your muscles recover from a workout and same thing chocolate milk really helps
you recover from a workout and both have protein to get me through the day and
the kids are actually hungry – it’s a little early for them for lunch so I’m
going to try to give them a bunch of fruit and veggie snacks so some broccoli
some sliced pepper some raspberries some apples and then I’m gonna make this
funny pasta for their actual lunch who wants the orange plate see that means
you get the bunny plate that’s both the same both plates have the same things on
peppers prezi’s favorite she loves the macaroni and cheese soup yeah would you
rather have super macaroni and cheese oh you want chicken noodle soup okay I’m
gonna make that you had better get back on track after
speaking rudely did you just go in the body again I think you forgot to pull
something up there you go you’re welcome yeah yeah I don’t know if you guys
notice I put it on my Instagram but we did just get a new table and some new
chairs I don’t know if anybody follows on Instagram her feet is called my Texas
house but she had these style chairs and I was really hesitant
I honestly searched everywhere for like all wood chairs that I likes but I just
feel like I knew I loved my Restoration Hardware desk and so this is the table
with like the same type of style finish it’s my favorite look so I had been
looking at this table for years and finally decided to go for it when our
other chairs got really destroyed but I love how these chairs look and I found a
really good deal for them on Wayfarer I like especially love how they have the
studs but I am so happy you really love them Landon was so excited for the new
table to get delivered to ya but Adams actually out of town still so her tail
is just right there in the corner so I need him to help me move it out but I
also the kids got new booster seats and I ended up getting these like booster
seat covers which obviously they catch a lot of spills – and they’re like canvas
that they’re like a little bit easier to clean off but I found these sort of
stretchy chair covers I think I don’t like is how it does like cover up the
back a little bit but oh well I mean Adams Scotchgarded all of these
through and like as adults we sit here but at least this way it kind of helps
prevent a lot of the spills from the kiddos and I feel like the booster seats
just helped them reach their food easier because even though Landon used to like
to sit in the other chairs we felt like he was spilling stuff a lot more because
we couldn’t reach it as well I’ll get it for you let me wash it but hi I showered
and did my makeup so I look a little bit more like a human no today I’m not super
hungry yet because honestly I had such a high protein snack after my workout I
might wait to have lunch until I actually put the kids down but maybe
I’ll just have a yogurt or something like that right now to eat lunch with
them because if you’ve been watching any of my videos lately you know my anxiety
like I’ve just been trying to make a lot of changes and I did a lot of changes to
my diet about a year ago when I was breastfeeding Presley and my doctor said
you know since you’re nursing let’s just try other natural ways to reduce your
anxiety and help the way your heart was feeling because I had felt it’s so funny
like what I felt a year ago was nothing compared to what I feel on the daily now
with my heart so I’m making the switch to decaf coffee I want to see if that
helps a lot and I’m just gonna continue trying to follow the Mediterranean diet
eating as money like whole grains fruits veggies like good dairy products you
could have red wine a dark chocolate cosmic brownies are dark chocolate right
I’m not I wish I wish they were but yeah I figured in case you are having any
sort of anxiety symptoms as well and I feel like you can even hear like I sound
out of breath like I feel like the only other time in my life I was out of
breath like this was during pregnancy and that’s because obviously like a baby
was pushing on my lungs but I feel like the heart feeling I’ve been feeling it’s
like a crushing and like that I’m unable to take deep breaths
so my doctor’s appointment I was supposed to go Tuesday it got cancelled
so my doctor sick so I’m waiting for him to feel better for them then to start
scheduling in appointments again so I don’t even know when I’m actually going
to but at least the woman on the phone
making the appointment was like I’m going to put in the order for blood work
I guess she could do that so that it’s noted on your appointment so that like
when your appointments made you can go right in for a blood work so I was like
thank you I just want to make sure everything is okay but yeah I will
continue to keep you guys posted and probably it seems like you guys have
really been liking the meal planning and grocery store hauls so I’ll try to do
one for the Mediterranean diet but that are budget-friendly too because I love
doing one set our budget-friendly you want that table well we’ve got our nice
new one got some raspberries and this is lemon
Arang Waco’s I really like the lemon meringue flavor and I just put some
granola on the top so this can be my I guess second snack of the day to have
while the kiddos have their lunch so here’s lunch I just put the kids down
to nap and I’m doing a Super Bowl recipe blog post so you’ll get to see these on
my blog but Molly you’ve seen her before she’s my photographer came over so we’re
gonna have these is our lunch so I’m just catching up on Anna’s when I ate
Wednesday and I’ve got to clean up the kitchen because I put a bunch of stuff
out because Molly helped me with the thumbnail for this video so if you like
the thumbnail Thank You Molly and I’ve got to clean up all of these dips I
pretty much ate the whole thing myself and this is what three is like because
someone has not napped and he’s letting the world know he is not tired anymore
okay you can come down and help me clean off that okay thanks come on down got a
lot to clean up here and such a fun mom come on down time to clean up I’m gonna drink this green juice though
while I’m clean okay trying to get my greens in um I was on the phone with my
grandma because we were trying to coordinate the kids because she’s going
to watch them for me tomorrow so that I can get some stuff done since school is
cancelled and that way hopefully I can get ahead on some stuff because we’ve
got three vacation coming up in the next two months and there’s just a lot
between stuff I need to take care of first my business and for my channel and
for my dad there’s just a ton of things so she heard talking to like what are
you here to make for dinner ha later of they’ll be know what I eat in the day
video and I was like oh I think I’m gonna make chili and she’s like grandpa
and I love your chili if you have any extra send it over tomorrow and I was
like oh there will for sure be extra because since Adams not home and half
the time the kids don’t eat their chili which I sent him text in here I’m like
why am I making this but I personally love chili and I’ve been listening to
this Instagram her name’s Ralphie I’ll leave it here um but she does a lot of
talking about just different parenting struggles and obviously a big struggle
and I’ve shared this with you guys is getting our kids to eat like Prezi went
through a really weird phase where like she stopped eating a lot of things she
was getting better now though but I listened to her Instagram like she has
them on her highlights real and this helped me totally change my mindset
because every night I would be getting so ticked off and frustrated about the
food we were wasting why would I put it in time a time I was wasting into
cooking different meals and she’s like stop thinking about the short game like
you have to think in the long term you want your child to know that they have
to eat a variety of foods in their diet and that there are so many healthy
options and choices so stop getting upset that you give them 4 to 5 things
on their plate every single day if they’re healthy things and even if they
only eat 1 to 2 of the things that are on their plate in the long term so like
the long game they know I should be picking out these
different colored foods different varieties of foods making sure I have a
fruit I have a vegetable I have a meat I have carbs and that for me like is so
true like I would rather have my kids grow up to be intuitively healthy eaters
then you know me get frustrated and only serve the macaroni and cheese because
that’s pretty much like any kid will either macaroni and cheese like I’d
still rather serve them like I did for lunch their macaroni and cheese with
some different fruits and vegetables so that they’re growing up with the
mentality of eat a variety of foods not just eat the one thing that you like so
I thought I would share that because when I heard her say this last night I
was like Thank You Ralphie I needed to hear that so bad I just like freaked out
for a second because I realized I take it off my jewelry for some of the
picture she was taken and I was like oh my god where’d your hearing go um but I
realized I took them off I’m doing my Italia a little bit differently tonight
normally might go to I make a crock pot chili it’s super fast and simple with a
canned chili beans canned tomatoes but I just have a lot of fresh produce I’m
really trying to just incorporate as many fresh veggies into my diet as
possible so I’m gonna do a slight variation so I chopped up some of the
carrots that I have on hand just as a way to sneak in more veggies I had half
a tomato from another recipe so I chopped that up I’m still gonna use a
can of tomatoes though and then I made this corn bean salsa so it’s a can of
black beans a can of corn fresh cilantro that’s been chopped up and there’s about
half of a red onion that’s chopped in there with some lime juice and salt and
pepper so I’m gonna use all of these ingredients then with the turkey that’s
browning up in there and that’s organic chili seasoning mix so it should be a
really nice like hearty veggie chili with a hint of lime because of the lime
juice and the salon throws them you’re like I could call this rainbow
chilly maybe I’ll call this version that because it’s basically every color of
the rainbow right so should be super healthy for the kids and I’ll probably
let this just simmer on low for anywhere from 30 minutes to a half hour would be
good since the turkey is totally browned up I forgot to say cuz I thought when I
was rinsing out the container there was fresh chopped garlic in that salsa as
well I love garlic I put fresh garlic and pretty much all of my hmm says hot
wheels okay try to focus your hold on see you got to hold it and you touch
where the nono hold it back well the backs that I can see I’ll teach you the
lesson so see you hold it back and then when you touch the screen it helps focus
on it don’t move it too closer they can’t see will do a camera less than
another day I’m wearing she’s a little sick does she look like a little pink
she doesn’t have a temperature but I feel like her cheeks and she’s like a
little bit of a runny nose so a little bit of a cold
Tom you took a very long nap need your beauty sleep there already beautiful
enough okay so the rainbow chilly decided that name is gonna say has been
some right and yeah that’s what’s for dinner rainbow chilly you are mister
three-year-olds that’s what’s for dinner look I just ordered the kids kind of
matching Landon’s are like orange and gray and hers are pink and gray for when
we go to Disney because there will be so much easier to walk around
how do you ask okay hold on feel like Presley is very particular about shoes
do you like those uh-huh you like your new shoes good you’re just
fascinated by the buckle on your new chair Landon and Presley got jealous of
my green juice so I gave them some too is your belly getting full alright here
is my bowl of chili for dinner kids are halfway down with theirs by now
if you can see my grandma and grandpa’s rainbow Chili’s packed up should go for
them tomorrow but I hope you enjoyed this what I eat in a day video and that
it gave you some insight as to what my workout currently look like at the
moment at home between the stationary bike and just some really easy ab and
free weights little exercises that I’ve been doing if you like these videos let
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Tiffany is eating she is getting her body back and I think Ella’s only like
four months old she is nursing she looks amazing so we hope that you enjoy these
videos in these clubs and we’ve got a lot more coming up because we’ve got
some travel coming up here too so I just can’t wait to see them again
but I will see you in my next video in the meantime there’s gonna be some other
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and I you in my next one I don’t know how I
could forget I’m having a glass of red wine and my cosmic from you pretty much
my nighttime ritual