For decades or even centuries, we use to think
that exercise is the best recipe to lose weight, but we couldn’t be more wrong. Studies after studies proved that exercise
is absolutely useless when it comes to losing weight because it serves absolutely different
purpose. So what exactly happens when you start exercising? Of course it has a lot of physiological benefits
but they are nothing compare to its psychological effects Exercise is like a magic pill for your brain. It boosts your brain capacity in a way that
you haven’t though before, mostly because it raises your dopamine level almost like
cocaine does. Dopamine is a brain cell thats responsible
for your level of motivation, whenever you feel tired and lazy and you don’t feel like
doing anything, thats because your dopamine is low. Thats why when ever you exercise, instead
of feeling tired, you suddenly want to accomplish others things, you feel much more energised. But it doesn’t stops there, it directly
increases your serotonin level which is another brain cell but this one reduces your stress
level and keeps you far away from depression. So, if you are sad, angry or anxious, going
to the gym is exactly what you need to do! and if you already regularly exercise, you
know exactly what I am talking about! And if thats not enough for you! you will
instantly realize how your brain suddenly starts working faster, because the part of
your brain thats responsible for memory and learning has BDNF – Brain-derived neurotrophic
factor – and it gets unleashed whenever your blood pomps faster than it does usually! Isn’t that great?! But whats even more fascinating than that
is, even if you are exercising for the first time, it still increases your attention span! Which means that you will finally have the
willpower to put aside your phone, block facebook, youtube and instagram and focus on that assignment
that you have been procrastinating on! If you manage to keep exercising at least
3 hours a week, you are going to reduce your risk of heart attacking, diabetes, stroke
or even cancer. In fact, you can expect yourself to live at
least 5 years longer than if you do not exercise. If you are from those types of people who
need to lie for hours in their bed before falling asleep, then congratulations, from
now onwards, you are going to fall asleep faster than you imagine because of both, physical
and psychological effects that exercise has on you! Benefits of exercise do not stop here but
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