This is Walters head But i can’t make it move Hi, lovely people Here is something you maybe don’t know about me unless of course we have shared food in the last like 10 years in which case you will definitely know this I can’t eat starch Basically my body just doesn’t process it which means No wheat, no oats that’s one really sign for oats I quite like it though. No rice, no corn, no maize (Which is, like, the same thing?) No, dairy, you know alcohol. No beans no sugar no bananas It’s very specific, yeah That’s absolutely no kind of grains at all No root vegetables. I know it’s weird. It’s really weird I know what you’re thinking because it’s the same thing that everyone asks me when I tell them Generally also with this face “What do you eat?” Confused when thinking about not being able to eat pizza I understand. I look at people who don’t eat vegetables the same way: Because of course, vegetables are quite a large part of my diet, along with proteins like fish (A lot of fish, I love fish) Oh my God. If it swims, I will eat it. Not like small children or anything but… So, this all started ten years ago because Like I told you in my Chronic Fatigue video *ping* Which you can watch. I got ill, I was in hospital They ran various tests I had a lumbar puncture which went wrong and all of my spinal fluid just drained away So I couldn’t even stay conscious Never mind eating. At the hospital they pumped me full of various drugs in a non-junkie way And I don’t remember anything from that time period. Like I just… it’s gone. But, fast forward and a year and a half And I’m still throwing up every day at least once and that comes back down to being sick after Everything that I ate And then it was being sick after like drinking water. Water. And I ate perfectly fine When I was a child there was nothing that I didn’t eat So yes, I know what pizza tastes like. I know what cake tastes like, I know what ice cream tastes like. Also croissant. Mmmmm. So I’m being sick and I’m back in the hospital. The hospital dietician puts me on an all-white diet: Just. White. Foods. Apparently, they are the easiest to digest And it makes me so much worse, so we go to the opposite end. Cut out all white foods basically we stop all sugars all starches Nothing allowed except protein, non-root vegetables, Soy, dairy replacements, and healthy fats, and I start to get better! Except that’s only’ better’ from where I was. It’s not ‘better’ like everyone else and That was eight years ago Something could be done? To make it better? I never tested this. I don’t want to put foods in that I know made me sick before Because the little bit of health that I have now seems so much better than where I was. And, every time that I accidentally eat something that I shouldn’t my stomach’s just like: “Pah, No thanks!” That was a baseball (basketball) move. Not excellent As you can imagine my diet doesn’t exactly give me boundless of energy In fact there are a lot of boundaries on my energy. is managing his great wall of China Here’s my energy, here’s the Great Wall of China You get the idea Because yes, I’m totally bubbly and energetic right now But here’s all my energy for the day It’s not like I can then continue but this is my personality being kind of chirpy And I would very much like to be able to do that all day long But I feel most of the time like I’m just moving through quicksand. Over all the years, my doctors haven’t really gotten anywhere with the kind of looking into my stomach, With their nasty, nasty, horrible probes, So Claudia suggested that we go and visit a holistic nutritionist I have a very medical background, not a lot of holistic, alternative therapies going on there. I take a lot of pills every day, I don’t really question that. At all. Because all the broken bits inside Because I’ve been so much worse that I’m quite happy, I’m quite thankful just to be here. I went to the holistic lady and it was amazing Mind-blowing even. She listened to everything, looked at every little issue regarded my body as a whole and then Took all of these things into consideration to work out the one thing that’s wrong with my stomach One thing. Apparently all those drugs that I was given in hospital all those years ago killed the good bacteria What is the sign for bacteria? So apparently all those drugs that I was given in hospital all those years ago killed all of the good bacteria Yeah, it’s a good sign isn’t it And it let the bad bacteria kind of roam free in my gut. Basically it’s a kind of yeasty form of fungus. That breaks down the lining of your stomach so you can’t digest properly the lining- sorry. So it breaks down the lining of your stomach and your intestines, and doesn’t let you digest things properly It can also cause: Chronic fatigue, Digestive issues, autoimmune diseases, brain fog, severe allergies, poor memory, And joint pain All things I have. Excellent. Wha-? Just like…? Could they not have tested for this before? Eight years ago? No? No-one? But it’s actually excellent news! Because it is something that it gets better. It’s something that you can work on and improve and If I have this like absolutely crazy diet for three months.. Just maybe I can eat a croissant. Or if that’s stretching it a bit- okay, so it’s a bit of a weird diet it’s kind of there are fewer foods that I can eat right now, but Hopefully in future! Yay amazing! So I’m gonna make a video about the actual diet itself Obviously only follow that when I’ve posted that video Otherwise nothing there. So I know it’s really tempting to go after that kind of silver bullet quick fix and everything will be better Yeah, I’ve had those in the past yes, I will admit that maybe I’m sometimes like: “Oh yeah amazing maybe that will work! Maybe I’ll be better!” And then it doesn’t But also, maybe this one will? I realise that this won’t cure my actual disabilities But it will hopefully help with a lot of the symptoms that I thought I would have to just Live with forever. Maybe this could be amazing Subscribe and join me on this possibly crazy adventure Into diet and food, and Hopefully getting a bit better because there is a lot of up to go from having no energy and being sick all the time We’ll just have to wait and see.