Hello I’m Doctor John Fitzgerald and get ready
to learn with My Nutrition Advisor. Today we’re going to cover what are superfoods. What are super foods? They have many different definitions as to
what a super food is, but what is agreed upon is that certain foods have much higher nutrition
levels and health benefits than other foods. Super foods are considered some of the healthiest
foods in the world. For example, let’s take a look at two things that contain vitamin
C. Oranges and acerola cherries. Everyone knows that oranges contain vitamin
C. Well, let’s take a look at the numbers here.
One cup of oranges contain 95 milligrams of vitamin C. Whereas acerola cherries, 1 cup of acerola
cherries contain 1,644 milligrams of vitamin C. You can see the difference. This is why acerola
cherries are considered a superfood, oranges are not considered a superfood. What we try to do is use as many of these
super foods to make smoothies as possible to give you super nutrition. A superfood smoothie is a smoothie that contains
superfoods. This is the healthiest way to possibly make a smoothie. A CappuGreeno is a superfood smoothie with
coffee added. This term was trademarked by My Nutrition Advisor and it insurers the you’re
putting coffee in the healthiest smoothies possible. I always get asked this. Should I take my
superfoods in powder form or fresh form? What’s the difference? Well, I’m going to go through that in a
second, but first I will let you know, just think about the price.
It’s very hard to get a lot of these superfoods in fresh form, such as spirulina, acai berries,
goji berries, these things, the costs can escalate drastically if you get them in fresh
form. Where the powdered form, it’s a much more
economical and easy way to do things. Powders are created by dehydrating the fresh
ingredient or juice. 2:53
The powder is a condensed version of fresh ingredients since all the internal water has
been removed. The conversion of fresh ingredients to powder
form varies by ingredient. For instance, wheat grass, which is a superfood
that we use can typically be seen as a 30 to 1 ratio. That means that 30 grams of fresh wheatgrass
will resolve in one gram of powder once the water has been removed. What are the nutritional differences between
the powder and the fresh forms? Well, raw powders keep enzymes alive just
like the fresh form. The powder is a condensed version so there’s a lot more nutrition packed
in because it’s condensed. This means that you would have to consume way more fresh form
than powder to get the same amount in nutrition in your body. Also, think about this. Make sure that you
consume organic powders only. The reason is this, pesticides. Pesticides also get condensed in powders. So you’re consuming a lot of pesticides if
the powder that you’re using is not certified organic. The minimum effective dose is basically the
amount of the ingredient that it takes to show a benefit to you. What window dressing is, this is a clever
thing that a lot of companies use, well, you pick up a package and there’s 50, 60, 70 different
ingredients on there, but the problem is this, they all contain such a minute amount, that
it’s so small that it doesn’t even matter. It’s a trick of the industry. My Nutrition Advisor products each contain
10 to 11 different superfoods, but they’re in a nice dose for you. We don’t use window
dressing on our products. A pill or capsule typically has 1/2 gram of
powder inside. Think of it this way, a 24-ounce superfood smoothie or CappuGreeno, has 20
grams of superfoods in them. This is equivalent to 40 pills. Imagine how much raw ingredient this would
convert to. 40 pills equal 2 tablespoons of superfood
powder from My Nutrition Advisor. It is so much easier to put raw superfood powders in
your drinks and boost up the nutrition value rather than having to sit down and swallow
40 pills. Wouldn’t you agree? We like the superfood smoothies in our diet
because they provide a huge blast of low-calorie nutrition that really can make a difference
in your overall health.