When I first came to Western I thought
of health and wellness is just as being physically fit and eating well but I
feel like through my time here I’ve learned that it’s about achieving that
balance which varies by person where you’re happy with your life situation
while you’re here. It makes me feel good about myself and I’m doing things that are active and healthy. To me wellness is when a whole person is taken care of so their physical, mental, social needs are all met and I think it lays a foundation
for them to grow upon. Wellness is so much more than just physical health or getting in your exercise it’s also about having a healthy heart and taking care
of yourself mentally. Making sure that you’re able to keep your mental stability going strong and maybe having the gym as a really great outlet to
keeping yourself less stressed out and more focused in the classroom is really
really beneficial so for me wellness definitely means more than just getting
in your calories and getting in your steps Activities or making choices that
make you feel good like your body feel good. Over my time here I’ve learned that
if you that if you devote effort and resources into mastering some of those
skills that help you live a healthier life while you’re here those
skills can carry you throughout your entire life where you can hopefully a
little longer and happier life because of them so that’s why I think investing
in your health while you’re here developing those skills is so important. I think that wellness encompasses three things having a good balance between
your physical mental and social aspects of life and I think that if we have
those three you would be able to attain wellness and have a fulfilling life. When I first came to college I didn’t think that it was something that was as big of
a deal. I think that now I know when you invest in yourself you’re
investing in your classes but you’re also investing in your future I think
that when I am taking care of myself I am taking care of all of the areas of my
life I think that it at first I was I thought I didn’t have time to do things
like yoga but now I know that it sets me up for an amazing day and it’s worth
taking that extra few minutes getting up a little bit earlier to set me up for a
good day but also a good week and a good year I think that those little decisions
have really helped me. There’s just so much to discover here at Western and you can basically pursue anything that you have passion for.