Today I want to talk to you about tea! There
are a few different ways to make tea. Each way is for a different purpose. Beverage tea
is when you’re having a cup of tea mostly for the taste and enjoyment of it. You can
use loose herbs and strain it, have it in a pre-made bag, or put the herbs into a throwaway
or reusable bag. This is Resilience Tea. It has nettles, tulsi, rose, rose hips, and dandelion
root. You want to steep your tea for between 3 and 20 minutes to get the amount of flavor
that you like. For beverage tea you use 1 teaspoon of dried herb for 1 cup of water.
A medicinal tea uses more herbs and is steeped for longer. I use between 2 teaspoons and
a tablespoon of herb per cup of water. You want the water to boil then turn it off and wait a beat
before pouring it so that it’s not actively boiling when you pour it. Cover your cup when
you steep it if you can. Covering your tea while it steeps traps the volatile oils and other medicinal
parts of the plant into the cup so that it won’t evaporate. Medicinal teas are great
for drinking frequently for acute problems like cold symptoms, allergies, anxiety attacks,
and when you’re sick. Next we’re going to talk about a cold infusion. Cold infusions
have a higher ratio of herbs to water. One tablespoon of herbs to 1 cup of water or 1
cup of herbs to 1 quart of water is recommended. This infusion is a great way to get the nutritive
benefits of a plant. This is ideal for chronic problems like anemia, depression, reproductive
health issues, etc. Infusions are an ideal way of making tea from plants that have a
tonic quality. This infusion has nettles, lemon balm, and raspberry leaf in it. For
that I’ll fill the jar with cold water, shake it up, and let it sit overnight, and strain it
in the morning. For a nutritive infusion you want to drink a cup of it 3 times a day if
possible. You can store the rest in the fridge for up to 3 days. Generally tea and infusions
are for when you use the leafy or flower part of a plant. If I wanted to make medicine from
the roots, bark, seeds, or berries, I’d make a decoction. Decoctions use 1 tablespoon
to 1 ½ cups of water. You bring the water and plant material to a boil and let it simmer
for at least 20 minutes. Whenever I make plant medicine I like to set my intentions and give
thanks to the plants and where they come from. If you are pregnant or if you have serious chronic
illnesses talk to your doctor or do some research before exploring.